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Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday 2-12 What should we do?

Overcast Day
We woke up to overcast skies but a pleasant temperature. What should we do today? On Sunday morning Larry normally reads the newspaper but for some unknown reason it did not arrive, he likes his Sunday morning routine of reading his paper. He decided he would watch Sunday Morning on CBS. Sunday Morning is a program that is anchored by Jane Pauley. She does stories on subjects of interest and interviews people of interest. Today one feature was on how popular PinBall machines still are. After Sunday Morning we streamed the weekly GizWiz show.

After watching television I worked on my yearly book and Larry read. I let Flo outside and had the front door open. I kept an eye on her via one of our security cameras, I glanced at the screen and Flo was gone so I went outside to find her. She was nowhere in sight. I got the car keys and went looking for her. I drove to the boat ramp, she wasn't there, I slowly drove towards the house, didn't find her, I continued past the house and drove down the street I use to walk her. When I found her she was almost finished with her walk, she was happy to see me considering she was limping pretty bad. I loaded her into the car. She was so tired I had to do most of the work. When I got her home it took me awhile but I got her out of the car. I kept the garage door open and when she was rested she limped her way into the house. She was exhausted.

Visiting Five Below
Larry was getting bored. On the GizWiz one of the hosts, Chad talks about getting some of his items at Five Below. We don't have one in Belton but there is one in Harker Heights. We usually try to avoid stores on the weekend but we had nothing else to do. Five Below is where you buy items for $5.00 or less. It took us about a half hour to walk through it. We found that half of the store sold fitness items. We looked for some of the items Chad has purchased over the weeks but we couldn't find any of them. I guess each store might have different inventory, you also have to watch what you buy considering some of items were more expensive than elsewhere. We enjoyed walking through the store but we left empty handed.

When we got home I mowed the yard and worked out with Just Dance for a half hour. Then I made dinner. In the evening we watched YouTube videos and an Amazon movie called Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. The movie was about an elderly woman who befriends a young writer while in a retirement hotel in London. It was a good movie until the end. It's weird the last few movies we have chosen were good until the end. Hopefully the next movie we watch will be better. We had a very good day.     

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