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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Friday 11-8 Another Cold Day

It's cold

We had a cold day. It started out in the 40's and didn't get out of 50s, along with that we had a north wind.

This morning we went to McDonald's for breakfast. Larry had the hot cakes and I had the six piece donut sticks. We tried the donut sticks earlier this year and they were not that good. Apparently McDonald's discontinued them but brought them back for the holiday season. I tried them again, well, they still weren't very good, I even dipped them in the chocolate sauce but it still didn't make them taste any better.

We then went across the parking lot to Walmart to pickup a couple of things. When we got home I went through my Kindle to choose another book to read. Awhile back Larry introduced me to a cute series about a newspaper reporter Penny Green and how she works with Scotland Yard detective, James Blakely to solve cases. There are nine books in the series, I have read four of them. Today I started the fifth book called Curse of the Poppy. I also worked on my annual book.

Relaxing with a book

In the afternoon we watched an episode of GizWiz and some of the YouTube videos we follow.

In the evening Larry was flipping through Amazon to choose something to watch and found that Captain Marvel came up to rent for $2.99. We have been waiting for it to come up to rent. It is another Avengers movie. It was good because it explained how the Avengers started. Afterwards we watched an episode of Boston Legal. When Larry went to bed I started watching a series called Hidden. I had watched two episodes awhile back and stopped because it was in both English and Welsh. When they talk Welsh you have to concentrate on reading the subtitles because they translate the Welsh language into English. Tonight I watched the first two episodes again and concentrated on reading the subtitles and understood the story better. It's an ok series that goes through the whole season to solve one case. Then I did my daily Solitaire challenges.

Watching television


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