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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Monday 11-11 It's Cold

It's cold

The high today was early in the morning, by afternoon the temperature was dropping. The wind came up and clouds rolled in. When the wind came up it looked like fall because leaves were blowing out of the trees. It started sprinkling in the afternoon and didn't stop until the evening. By midnight the temperature had dropped to 33 degrees at the house. 

Tomorrow, it's suppose to be cold all day and not get out of the low 40s.

This morning Larry winterized the Minnie. He drained the water heater and emptied the tanks because he didn't want things to freeze up. Then we took the Minnie to the storage center where she is parked indoors. The stall has power so Larry plugged the Minnie in and setup heaters in the Minnie to keep it warm. Since we have heaters keeping the temperature above freezing we didn't really have to winterize but it doesn't take all that long and we don't have to worry about if the power has gone out.

Afterwards we went home. I read and worked on my annual book. Larry continued working on Louise's old computer and read. 

Our trees in the yards needed to be trimmed. The branches were starting to grow over the roof and we had small limbs rubbing on the Minnie when we back her next to the house. Last week a gentleman from Brothers Landscaping Tree Service came door to door to see if anyone needed any services. Larry had told the gentleman no but a little while later he called him on the phone and asked him to come by to give us a quote. When he came back Larry made an appointment to get our trees trimmed. A crew of three guys showed up around 2:30 to do the trimming. We were surprised because it was cold and really windy. We watched them trim the trees, it was scary to watch them because they used ladders to climb on the trees and then one gentleman would shimmy up the trees on the branches to trim the little branches. Another gentleman trimmed some of the branches with a gas powered extension saw that worked excellent. They hauled off the trimmings in a flat bed trailer. After trimming up the trees they sealed the areas trimmed to prevent oak wilt. They were here about an hour and did all the trimming we needed. They did an excellent job. 

One of the trees before it was trimmed

Trimming up the tree

Trimming the small branches off a limb
The oak tree in the frontyard all trimmed up

On Monday evenings we usually go to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers but today we decided to stay home because it was cold and drizzling. The temperature was going to continue dropping. During evening we finished up watching the first season of Boston Legal and watched a couple of episodes from the second season. Afterwards I watched a couple episodes of Hidden. I did my 12,000 steps. We spent the evening keeping warm.  

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