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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Wednesday 11-6 Finishing Up the Minnie

Smile and be happy

It was another cloudy day with the temperature getting to 80 degrees.

I started the day off by vacuuming and washing the floors in the Minnie. While I did this I put the rugs in the washing machine. When I got to the cab I took the floor mats out and cleaned them. After I finished cleaning the Minnie I continued doing housework but I moved onto the house. I vacuumed the house and washed the rugs.

Doing chores

A latch on one of the storage doors of the Minnie doesn't work right any more so Larry removed it. While he was washing and waxing the Minnie he checked out the seams to make sure the sealant was good. There are a couple of places that should be resealed. After lunch we went to Sunbelt RV Center to buy a new latch and sealant. The latches came two in a box so we had to buy two.

When we got home Larry installed the new latch. Before doing so he had to modify it a little bit. The Minnie's floor mats and rugs were dry so we put them back in the Minnie. Now the Minnie is all clean.

After doing our little projects I worked on my annual book and read a bit. Larry read.

Our friends Larry and Patricia from Gatesville called and then stopped by to visit. This was the first time we have seen them since they gave up square dancing. We do keep in contact every month or two via email bit it was very nice to see and visit with them.

In the evening we watched the 2010 True Grit movie off of Amazon Prime. It starred Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld. It was ok but I prefer the old True Grit from 1969 starring John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. Afterwards we watched a couple of episodes of Boston Legal. Then I read a couple of hours before calling it a night. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!    

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