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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tuesday 11-5 Waxing the Minnie

Cloudy Day

Today was mostly cloudy but we had occasional sun and it got to 81 degrees.

In the morning we read. 

Yesterday, we washed the Minnie so after lunch today we waxed it. Larry went out around noon and started, after I completed 14 of 16 puzzles from The Hard Road event of Solitaire I joined him. Larry had already waxed the back and was finishing up the passenger side of the Minnie. He used a buffing wheel to apply the wax and then he wiped the wax off. In order for him to work up high he had to use a ladder. When he got to the overhead he needed a taller ladder so he got his heavy duty ladder out. While he was buffing the overhead I held the ladder for him. He applied the wax and removed it on the top part of the Minnie. After he applied the wax on the cab and lower part of the Minnie's drivers side I wiped the extra wax off. Larry worked on waxing the Minnie until 4:00. He worked very hard and it looks great.

Waxing the Minnie

Waxing around the mirror and the front end

Waxing above the window

In the evening we finished watching the 15th season of Midsomer Mysteries. I finished doing 12,000 steps. Then I read.

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