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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Friday 11-1 Killeen Kickers Dance

It's cold

We woke up with frost on the rooftops. It was another cold morning but it got up to 60 degrees and the wind was down.

We spent the day indoors keeping warm. I spent the day reading and playing the World Tour Solitaire game, which was 30 different Solitaire games. 

Last night was Halloween and before leaving to go square dance we put out some candy on a chair but no one came by. We weren't too surprised because last year no one came by. This morning Larry took down the Halloween decorations. They were wet from the frost so he spread one in his workroom and the bigger one in the garage. When we got home from square dancing we boxed them up and put them on a self until next year. I really like them, they are large but since they deflate they go back into the box they came in and take up very little room.

Halloween decorations
In the evening we went to Killeen to dance with a local square dancing club. The Killeen Kickers meet every first and third Friday to dance. Dan Clairmont is their caller and he calls mainstream and plus. In between each tip Christina Wiggins cues line dancing. The club brings refreshments. Tonight their dance was called Mysteries Tips. We had three squares of dancers. One tips was where the male dancers pick a card and they danced with another partner. We did a six couple squares tip, this was the first time Dan had called a six couple square and he did a great job. Another tip Christina called and Dan cued the line dancing. They did a good job changing roles. The last tip dancers tapped in whenever they wanted to and it made it challenging for Dan. We had a great time dancing with friends and to Dan and Christina.

Jose, Sherry and Christina having fun line dancing together

Dancing a tip in a circle as a boy

Having fun dancing with friends Christina and Becky

Friends having a ball dancing to Dan

Dan Clairmont calling the Mystery Tips Dance

Larry enjoying Ken and Louis's company during the dance

Sandra and Jose

Christina Wiggins

When we got home from the dance I started watching the third season of No Offense. Then I did my daily challenges.

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