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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tuesday 11-12 Another Cold Day

Keeping warm

It was cold all day, the wind blew early but died down as the day went on. 

In the morning we hung around the house keeping warm considering it was in the 20s. I read and worked on my annual book. Larry read.

After lunch we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping. On the way we swung by the UPS Store because they said we had a package waiting. Larry went inside and was walking towards the door with the box when he checked the address and found out it wasn't for us. It was actually for Box 275, we are 175. Then we went to Dollar Tree to pick up some more rice rolls but they were out. We didn't leave empty handed we picked up some tostadas shells and bread. Next stop was HEB for our grocery shopping. Then we swung by The Home Depot to buy some bug killer.

Weekly grocery shopping

 A few months ago Larry had a crown come off a tooth, the dentist put it back on but since then that tooth has given him problems, not all the time but off and on. It was bothering him this afternoon so he called the dentist office while we were at The Home Depot. They asked him how soon he could come in, he said in about fifteen minutes. The dentist fit him in between other patients. They took an x-ray and discovered the tooth was cracked below the crown. When Larry would chew on that side the tooth would move around and the moving was causing the pain. The dentist had to numb him up and remove the crown. There is no fixing the tooth, he will have to go to an oral surgeon and have it removed. Looks like he will be going down the path of another implant. While he was in the dental chair the office building was evacuated, all ten stories of the building had to climb down the stairs to the lobby. It ended up being a false alarm caused by a defective fire alarm in the basement. Once we were back upstairs the dentist finished removing the crown. 

Going to the dentist

By the time we got home it was almost time for dinner. After dinner we started to watch the third season of Good Karma Hospital on Acorn. It's a cute series about a hospital in a coastal town in tropical South India. Then I finished watching Hidden. I didn't really like it, it was very hard to follow because it was in Welsh and English. It was also a little too graphic at times. 


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