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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Saturday 11-9 Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

The day started out with fog. When Larry woke up the sun was shining and there was no fog but by 7:30 when I woke up the fog had rolled in.

We spent most of the day in Round Rock doing things for Louise. It was Christmas time at Louise's house. She has her Christmas tree up already and her Christmas decorations out. She did a super job of decorating for Christmas.

Christmas at Louise's house

First project was taking down cable wires. Months ago Louise changed internet provider. When they came over and disconnected her from the old service they unhooked the cable from the pole and left it hanging from her house. It looked horrible so Larry removed it this morning.

What a mess

Larry removing the cable wires

The next project was fixing her toilet. At times the toilet did not want to stop running so the other day Larry picked up a kit for it. When he looked at it today he found that the flapper ball was in bad shape, he replaced it and hopefully that will fix the problem. 

The next project was phone service and it took a lot longer than we expected. Louise has been having problems with her cell phone provider, which is Cricket. At home her phone sometimes wouldn't work at all. When she went to the Cricket Store it would work perfect. She has been fighting this problem for a long while. Cricket works on the AT&T network. She can't continue having a cell service that is so unreliable. Recently Larry had changed our cell service over to a new provider called Visible which works on the Verizon network, so far we have been happy with the service. Louise decided to switch to Visible which meant buying a new phone. She ordered it from Visible so today Larry setup the new phone. This took some time.

While we were traveling Louise's home phone service had quit, when we got home Larry got it fixed but he also wanted to move her home phone number over to Google Voice. Last week he started working on porting her phone number. Google Voice could not port her number directly from her current provider so Larry ported the number to T-Mobile and then had Google Voice port the number from them. To do this he bought a T-Mobile Sim card and during the activation he transferred her home phone number. Today he had Google Voice port the number away from T-Mobile.

Now that he had both her cell phone and home phone working he wanted them to work together. He setup Google Voice so that whenever someone calls her home number both her home phone and Cell phone will ring, she can answer the call on either one. If she calls anyone from either device the caller id will be her home phone number. It took a lot of time to work through everything and setup her new cell phone but when we left it all worked perfectly. Louise is one happy woman.

While Larry worked on the project I worked on a jig saw puzzle and played with Alice. For lunch Louise surprised us with chicken she had bought at Walmart. We love Walmart's chicken. Along with the chicken we had potato salad. 

We had left to go to Louise's before 8:00 and didn't get home until 5:30. We had a long day at Louise's house but it was nice to visit with her.

In the evening we watched Captain Marvel again. Then I finished doing my steps. My goal for the day is 10,600 steps but I have been doing 12,000 steps. Today I only did 11,000 steps. We had a busy day but it was fun.            

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