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Friday, November 1, 2019

Thursday 10-31 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. We had a very cold Halloween, this morning it was in the 30's and it only got to the 40s, along with that we had a north wind. The wind could chill you to the bones.

In the morning we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping at HEB. Then we went across the street to the UPS Store to pick up a package and our mail. Next stop was Walmart to finish our shopping and to get our flu shots. The greeter was dressed up as a witch and when anyone came in she would screech like a witch and welcome you to Walmart. The final stop was Dollar Tree. Then we went home.

Grocery Shopping

I spent the afternoon reading.

The Home Depot had a special Seeds Program this month. We ordered a Christmas snowman. It came in yesterday. We assembled it this afternoon. It was very hard to do because of how it was shipped. It was bundled together with plastic wrap. We had to carefully untangling it because it had a lot of wires. It took both of us to do the project. It came with directions on which part to put together first. We assembled the bottom two pieces first and put a couple of ties to hold the two pieces together. Then we worked on the middle part and tied them together. Next we did the head but first we had to put the arms on and the hat. Once the snowman was assembled we turned it on and it works great. It's big and will take up a lot of room to store. When we got home from square dancing we took the snowman outside to see how it works in the dark. The snowman is automated where it put on and off its hat. It looks pretty good.

How the snowman was bundled up when shipped

The snowman after we untangled the pieces

Tying the middle piece together

Arms assembled


In the dark
In the evening we went to Sun City to dance C1 and A2 with the Sundancers. For C1 we had a square and for A2 we had two squares plus an extra couple. We had a super time dancing with friends.

When we got home I watched a few episodes of Murder Is My Life.

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