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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Monday 11-25 Dentist and Dancing

Have fun with friends

We had a beautiful day. The temperature set a record high today, it was in the mid 80s with no wind.

Most RV's have tinted windows that help prevent people from seeing in and provide some relief from the sun, our Minnie does not. We have been thinking about tinting the windows in the living area of the Minnie to give us a bit more privacy. When we are in a campground we don't normally have a problem but when we stay in an RV park where your neighbors are really close and people are always walking by you feel a bit on display. This morning we took the Minnie to Classic Tint where the gentleman gave us a price and we set up an appointment for Tuesday morning. We're only going to tint the large windows in the living area. 

Afterwards we stopped by the UPS Store to pick up a couple of packages. One was a new pair of glasses for Larry and the other was Christmas gifts from Larry's Aunt Barbara. Barbara also shipped cookies and chocolate candy. We snacked on the goodies all afternoon.  

After lunch we went back to town. I mentioned a week or so back Larry had a cracked tooth at the gum line. He made an appointment to see an oral surgeon to get it pulled and possibly get another implant. Today was the day for Larry to meet with the surgeon and discuss the procedure and costs. He was a little disappointed because it was a little higher than he hoped, everytime Larry gets an implant it costs a lot because our insurance doesn't cover them. Next week he will get the tooth pulled and he will have to decide what to do about getting an implant. He could get it done for less somewhere else but it would not be placed by an oral surgeon. The first one he had placed by an oral surgeon and everything went perfectly, the second one was placed by a dentist and Larry had all kinds of issues, three implants and two years later it was finally completed.

Dentist appointment

While having lunch Larry received another Alexa device called Fire TV. He spent the afternoon setting up the device and playing with it. 

In the evening we went to Sun City to attend the Sundancers weekly square dance with Brad Caldwell calling. At the Grand March we had four squares. The first tip was mainstream and the rest of the tips were plus level. The last tip was A2. The tip before the A tip we had two squares so Brad decided to have a little fun. He had us moving from one square to the other by calling plus moves. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the calls. This was the last Monday dance until January. During the month of December the Sundancers will have one dance, which will be their Holiday dance. It will be Sunday December 15th. We had a super evening of dancing with friends and to Brad.

At the Sundancers Halloween dance the club provided lots of food. Larry really liked one of the cookies, he found out Barbara Brown made them and he told her how much he liked them. Tonight she gave him a batch of the cookies along with a very nice card. So thoughtful and nice of her. Larry will enjoy the cookies and I will sneak a couple for myself. 😁

When we got home I finished watching Five Days: The Train. I liked it but you have to watch all five episodes to be able to understand the story. Afterwards I did my daily challenges.     

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