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Friday, December 23, 2016

12-22 What a wonderful day!!

A cold front came in around midnight with wind out of the north, it was suppose to be a cloudy cool day but we had another day of sunshine with temperatures in the 60's.

This morning when Larry took me to the gym I wore shorts and a tee shirt, Larry asked me if I thought it was warm outside, I told him I would be ok I only had to walk from the car to the gym which wasn't far. Before going to the gym we stopped by the post office to put our mail on hold for a couple of months, we're really not sure how long we will be gone. Since it was going to be more than 30 days Larry had to talk to the post master and he really didn't want to hold it that long. Larry told him that the only mail we get through the post office was junk mail or items that slipped through the cracks. Our mailing address is for the UPS Store so all of our mail is suppose to go there, sometimes someone will send something to the house. He finally gave in and told Larry they would hold our mail. The next step was the gym where I did the treadmill for a half hour and another half hour on the weight machines. After my workout we walked next door to Ace Hardware to buy a few things to finish up Flo's ramp. The final stop was the UPS Store to get our mail. While there he told them that we were going out of town next week and we needed our mail held. They said no problem.

When we got home it was time for lunch. We let Flo out of the car and then had lunch. After lunch we were going to work on staining the support box for Flo's ramp. While Larry was setting up to begin I went across the street to let our neighbors (Karen and Bobby) know we were getting ready to go out of town. I was visiting with Karen when Flo decided to come over to say hi, Karen gave her some attention and then we said our good-byes. Flo decided she didn't want to go home instead she wanted to go for a walk. I tried to get her to go home but she was stubborn and continued down the street. She went over to our other neighbors house and introduced herself to a miniature Schnauzer who was visiting. Then she got tried so she laid down. Debbie came out of the house and paid attention to her considering they just lost their Great Dane. When her husband came home he paid attention to her. Afterwards we said our good-byes. I continued trying to get her to go home. But she continued down the road. She finally gave out by her friends (Velcro) house. I asked his master if he would keep an eye on Flo so I could go get the car. By the time I got her home she was done for the day.

While I was chasing Flo down Larry stained the support ramp and was starting to put the yoga mat on the ramp. I helped Larry on the yoga mat project. He attached the mat with large washers and screws but the ends were curling up so he decided to glue them down. The ramp looks great. After helping Larry I mowed the front yard and weedeated. I blew off the driveway while Larry was finishing up staining the box, we still have to apply the polyurethane. After cleaning up from the projects Larry blew out the garage, all the stuff he blew out of the garage went on the driveway that I had already blown off, he said now you know why he blows out the garage first.

In the evening we watched YouTube videos. We had a wonderful day. 

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