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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12-19 What did Larry find?

What is this?
It got in the low 20's again last night and never got over 40 degrees. Larry woke up this morning and when he opened the blinds he noticed some white stuff on the ground around the perimeter of our lot, from the window it looked like white paper or plastic, he thought something must have gotten in the trash. When he went out to get the paper he walked into the back yard and checked it out. When I woke up he asked me to look out the back window at this white stuff, I told him that it looked like snow, he said it wasn't snow, it was a very fine ice on the plants. It looked like the plants had some moisture on it and when the temperature got below freezing it formed the ice. I got my camera and went outside to check it out. This was so cool considering it was only on certain weeds around the edges of the yard. Winter is here.

Vacuuming the house
Doing laundry
It was cold all day so we stayed around the house. Larry continued working on his music project. I did some Sudoku puzzles, dozed off and worked out. Before working out I did laundry and house work. While vacuuming the house my vacuum wasn't working correctly, I figured that the hose was plugged and as I was taking a metal clothes hanger apart to shove down the hose Larry said I was going to puncture the hose with the hanger, he used a pair of pliers and bent a loop in the end of the wire, using a combination of the hanger wire and his shop vac he was able to unclogged the hose.

I worked out on my Wii Fit for a half hour, Golds Gym for a half hour and Just Dance for a half hour. I haven't been going to the gym because it was so cold but have made sure that I still worked out. This may sound kind of crazy but I have had my Garmin Vivo Fit2 for almost three months and I try to make my step goal everyday, sometimes I walk around the house just to get my goal. My daily goal as of today is 10,660 steps. If I don't make my goal the Vivo Fit2 will adjust accordingly, for example on December 7th I only did 6375 steps which was 65% of my goal of 9748 steps so my goal was dropped to 9579. I really like this device because it motivates me to get up and workout.

In the evening we watched our YouTube videos and a few KLUR Q shows, which were Death in Paradise, Escape Artist and White Chapel. Then I did my daily challenge solitaire computer games. We had another relaxing day at the house.      

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