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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

12-20 Odds and Ends

What are we doing, mom?
We started out the day doing errands. We loaded Flo into the car and headed to town. We hadn't checked our mail for awhile so the first stop was The UPS Store. Next was Belton Feed to get Flo some food, she isn't out but we're planning to go on a month long trip and we didn't have enough to last that long. On the way back to the house we swung by the storage unit to pick up the Minnie and the tow dolly. By the time we got home it was time for lunch.

The dolly on blocks
Removing the tire
Getting ready to check the alignment
Putting the tire back on
After lunch we did a couple of small projects. First was check the alignment on the dolly. The owners manual explains how to check it and Larry wanted to ensure it was correct. He jacked up one side of the dolly and removed the tire. Then he put blocks under the dolly to hold up on that side. He went to the other side and jacked it up and removed that tire. Once the tires were removed he checked the alignment with a measuring tape according to directions. The alignment was perfect. He put the tires back on and checked the air, they were a little low so he added air. The dolly is all ready for the trip. Next he added air to the air bags on the Minnie. 

The second project was Flo's ramp. Larry put the ramp on the Minnie's step and we worked with Flo to get her to walk up the ramp. She hesitated at first and then she walked up. She walked very slow, she seemed to be having a problem getting a grip and she just doesn't have a lot of strength. When she started to walk down the ramp she slipped and slid down the ramp. Larry and I were surprised that she couldn't get a grip on the carpeting that was on the ramp. Larry suggested maybe a yoga mat. I have a yoga mat but it's thick and he thought maybe it was too thick. I told him we could try it out just to see if it would work. We tried it and Flo walked up the ramp without slipping. I guess we will be making a trip to Walmart to get a yoga mat that is thinner. 

When we were finished with our projects I took a nap and Larry did some reading. In the evening we watched our YouTube videos and Sherlock Holmes, A Game Of Shadows. We had a relaxing evening.     

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