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Monday, July 4, 2016

7-3 Cloudy Day in Texas

We woke up to overcast skies but the temperature was nice and cool. We loaded Flo into the car to take her for a swim in Nolan Creek. While Larry read the paper I walked Flo around, she did a lot of sniffing and swimming. While walking around we saw a couple of dogs. When Flo saw the dogs she wanted to go play with them. One was a black lab, Flo was swimming but when she saw him she tried to get out of the water, she got stuck so I had to help her out. By the time she got out she was tired and had to lay down. The lab and his master were finishing up their playtime. After her rest we started back toward the car. She went back into the water and swam a little more. She swam with the ducks, when she got close the ducks swam away. As she was standing in the creek resting she saw a Doberman Pinsher. They both wanted to play but they were on the opposite sides of the creek from each other. By the time she got out of the creek she was so exhausted she didn't want to go back to the car. When I tried to get her to go she just stood there tuning me out so I asked Larry to help. He ignored me and was laughing at me fighting with my dog. So Larry was in my dog house for a little while. After leaving Nolan Creek we stopped by HEB to pick up some floss, I forgot to put it on my list the other day. Then we swung by the storage center to get the battery charger for the camera, I had forgotten and left it in the Minnie when we got back from the state convention. Next we stopped by Walmart to get gas in the car.

Fourth of July bridge over Nolan Creek
Swimming in Nolan Creek
Swimming with the ducks
The rest of the day we hung around the house. While we we relaxing Flo went outside a couple of times to sun. One time when I let her out there was a package at the door, which were parts Larry had ordered from Amazon for a project. He asked me to check the mailbox so I grabbed the mailbox key and headed out to the mailbox. I looked inside and there was a large padded envelope. What a surprise!!!! Larry had ordered me the new version of Just Dance. I wasn't planning to workout but now I had to check out Just Dance 2016. I worked out for an hour to new songs. I had a great time. Later we watched GizWiz and some RV videos via YouTube. In the evening we watched our weekly shows on PBS, which were Dancing on the Edge, Endeavour and Tunnel. I finished reading Seconds Away and worked on my jigsaw puzzle. Larry finished reading another book. While watching our shows our neighbor had another fabulous fireworks display. After our shows were over I worked on my puzzle until it was time to go to bed. We had a very relaxing day.

New Just Dance Program
Reading is fun
Watching weekly shows and YouTube videos


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