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Sunday, July 3, 2016

7-2 A Day of Relaxation

We spent the day hanging around the house. I worked on my puzzle and started reading a book by Harlan Coben called Seconds Away. Larry had finished reading this and I needed a break from working on my puzzle. The puzzle is going great, I've been working on it for a couple of days and got a lot of it done. Flo wanted to go outside but didn't want to be alone and I couldn't take the puzzle outside so I decided to read. I had some semi-sweet chocolate chips left over from my smore's dessert so this afternoon I made chocolate chip cookies, they were really good. In the evening we watched a movie on Amazon called Local Color, it was inspired from a true story of an artist. It was a good movie but the language was bad. After watching the movie we read until it was time to go to bed. While we were reading one of the neighbors decided to give us a little fireworks display. It lasted about fifteen minutes, I was excited I went out on the back porch and watched it. We had a very relaxing day.

Neushcwanstein Castle puzzle after two days

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