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Saturday, July 2, 2016

7-1 Flo Swept Away

Happy July
I hope everyone had a great June, we certainly did. This morning we took Flo for a swim in Nolan Creek. A couple of days ago we went to Nolan Creek and it was up and flowing fast so we returned home. Today the creek was down and the current was slower. Larry read the paper while I walked Flo around. Every year for the Fourth of July Belton has a big celebration. They have a carnival going at one of the parks and a huge parade on the Fourth. When we arrived at Nolan Creek we saw that the city had installed the bridge over Nolan Creek that allows folks to park and walk across the creek to view the parade, Flo had to check it out. She was determined to go over it to the other side. I helped her up on the first step but she did the rest herself. They were steep but it didn't stop her. Once on the other side she did a little exploring and then she wanted to go for a swim. On this side of the creek the current is strong so I tried to keep her out. She found a spot where the current was slow and went in the creek. She was swimming around in circles and then she swam a little farther into the creek and got caught up in the current. She tried to get out but it was too strong, she was carried through a small rapid and down the creek, this scared me to death. I am sure she was a little scared but she kept swimming and kept her head out of the water. I ran across the bridge and was waiting for her down stream, when she got to the area where the current was slower I was there to help her out. She wanted to go back in but I told her no way. We continued our walk along the creek and Flo did go back into the creek for a swim. When she finished her swam she was tired so she laid down to rest. After her rest we headed back to the car but we didn't get all the way back before she got back into the water. I didn't let her swim too long. By the time we got back to the car she was really tired but it didn't stop her from barking at the ducks. After Flo's swim we went to Ace Hardware, then we stopped by the post office to mail a book, next up was HEB to pick up a couple of things and then the last stop was The UPS Store to get our mail. What a busy morning we had.

Where Flo went down the creek

We relaxed in the afternoon. I worked on my puzzle and took a nap. Larry started reading another book and Flo did some sunning and slept. In the evening we went square dancing with the Killeen Kickers, it was their Patriotic Dance. There were five squares and Dan Clairmont called the dance . He did six tips and played a song or two between tips. The club provided a lot of delicious foods. We had a wonderful time dancing with the Killeen Kickers and other square dancing friends.

Outfits Larry and I wore to the Patriotic Dance
Karen from the Sundancers Club enjoying the dance
Dan Clairmont calling for his club
Friends having fun during the dance
Kathy promenading home


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