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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2-8 Solving Problems

Solving Problems
Larry spent most of the day working on solving issues of car and house insurance, septic inspection renewal and health care bills. I had mentioned our car and house insurance were going up about 20 percent so Larry has been insurance shopping. We have been with Liberty Mutual for many years, we actually had been with them years ago and they raised their rates so we left them and went to Farmers and later when Farmers raised their rates we switched back. Larry got online quotes from Progressive, Geico, State Farms and Farmers and now we are getting phone messages and emails from all of them. State Farms was the highest so he wrote them off. Farmers came back at a reasonable premium but they charge service fees and that was part of why we left them. Progressive was the least expensive and they already insure our RV so it looked like we were moving to Progressive but before we made the switch he called Liberty Mutual. Somehow with a simple phone call asking about the raising rates they were able to re-rate us (whatever that means) and they gave us a price that was less than we had been paying, we decided to keep out policies with them. 

Next problem he worked on was a medical bill from Scott and White for my wellness checkup. We have Scott & White Insurance, I had my Wellness physical done at a Scott & White facility, Scott & White billing says Scott & White insurance paid using a diagnostics code instead of a preventative code so the bill was not fully covered, billing can not talk to insurance, took us over a month to get in touch with the insurance folks (phones are always busy due to new customers at the beginning of the year), they said the real problem was with the Scott and White facility that preformed the service and input the incorrect code to begin with, they wanted us to go back to them. Finally convinced them to process an appeal and see if they can fix it via their end. Called billing back and explained what is going on, they suggested that we pay the bill to make sure that we don't get turned into a collection agency. If insurance ever pays their part we will get a credit. I will bet this goes on for months, good thing Larry is so calm. I was upset and railing to him about how stupid this was and something should be done, he suggested I could try and fix it. Nope, sure glad he is working on it.

The next problem was our quarterly septic inspections. Still working on this one, hopefully we will know more tomorrow.

Larry had a busy day working on administrative problems. I'm glad I have him that way I don't have to deal with these issues. What a guy.

Watching TV
I haven't been feeling very well so we decided not to go square dancing with the Sundancers tonight. Instead we watched two episodes of Ken Burns series The West. The seventh episode was The Geography of Hope, which took place between 1877 to 1887. This episode was about newcomers coming to the West and bring with them a new spirit of conformity. The Indians had to give up their ways of life, the Mormons are told to abandon a tenet of their faith and the Chinese and Mexican Americans are denied their places in society through a law. The Wild Wild West show was formed. The eighth episode was Ghost Dance, which was between 1877 to 1814. This episode was about when the settlers race to claim the Native Americans land they pick up the Ghost Dance, which they believed the power would restore a lost way of life until theirs hopes were crushed at Wounded Knee. Sitting Bull was killed by his own people. Now there is one more episode left to watch. After watching The West we watched a couple of TED TV episodes. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.   

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