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Saturday, February 20, 2016

2-19 Dancing with the Killeen Kickers

Dan Clairmont calling the Killeen Kickers Dance
During the day we were busy getting the Minnie ready for a one day square dancing event in Tool Texas where Brad Caldwell will be calling. I started by putting things back under the kitchen sink while Larry emptied and put cleaner in the tanks. We plugged the Minnie into power to get the refrigerator going, once it got cold I put a few things in it and I loaded some other snacks to take with us, I also loaded some clothing we will need. It didn't take long too load everything up considering we're only going to be gone for one night. A little later I made the bed, this takes a bit and is a pain because the bed is over the cab and I have to climb up and down a few times. 

Larry sitting a tip out so I could take pictures
Our friends Billy Ray and Tea Walls
Getting ready to Line Dance
Square dancers visiting during the dance
Everyone having a great time dancing to Dan

Laughing and having fun
In the evening Larry and I went to Killeen for the Kickers regular dance. There were four mainstream squares and two plus squares. In between the tips Christina either cued a couple of rounds or a couple of lines. When she did the lines I danced them.

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