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Thursday, February 18, 2016

2-16 & 2-17 Projects Around the House

Playing with Wii Sports
I missed a day of blogging so this post will be a bit longer.

For the last two days we have been doing little projects around the house. Yesterday, Larry fertilized and treated the yard for weeds. While he did this I cleaned the inside of the Minnie and put stuff back in it. After lunch Larry got the sprinkler system going. Our system has five different zones and Larry made sure each zone was working correctly. He also reprogrammed a couple of zones for longer times. When Larry was checking the system he discovered a couple of heads were not working so he had to clean them out. I took Flo on a walk around the neighborhood and I saw a couple of young foxes. Whenever we have seen foxes before they were by themselves, what a pleasant surprise.

Turning the water valve back on to the sprinkler system
Adjusting a sprinkler head
Putting the head back on after cleaning it
The sprinkler system running on our backyard

The faucet in the Minnie wasn't old and it worked perfectly but I have come to like using faucets that loop up and back down, they give you more room to get things in and out of the sink so a couple of days ago Larry ordered one for the RV. The faucet arrived and I helped Larry install it along with taking a few pictures.

Old kitchen faucet
The kitchen sink without faucet
Tightening up the plumbing
New kitchen faucet
While we were in the Valley at Bit O Heaven some of the guests had formed Wii Bowling leagues and they were having a lot of fun. This afternoon Larry decided he would like to bowl so I got out the program and we bowled and played tennis for about an hour. After Larry stopped playing I used the program for another hour. I bowled, played tennis, played baseball and boxed. We had not done this in such a long time and it is actually quite fun.

Yesterday, in the evening we rented another movie from Goggle Play called A Walk in the Woods. It starred Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, which was about two elderly men hiking the Appalachian Trail. It was a very entertaining and well done. Tonight we went to the Shirts 'n' Skirts Club in Georgetown to square dance. We didn't know if their classes were over or not so we got there about 7:10. When we got there they had a workshop going on and we asked the members of the club about the class. They said the class graduated a couple of weeks ago. So there will be a half hour workshop before the two hour dance until their next class. During the workshop Jim went over scoot back and cross run. The dance had six mainstream squares and five plus squares and in between the square dancing tips Martha did a line dance. Larry and I danced every tip and I danced all the line dances except one. We hadn't been dancing with the Shirts 'n' Skirts in awhile and everyone was happy to see us. The class presented Jim Hayes with a card and gift card to show their appreciation for all of his hard work teaching them to square dance.

One of the students presenting Jim Hayes with a gift of appreciation
Line Dancing with Martha and friends
Line Dancing with friends while Charlie and Bill Dance

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