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Saturday, February 27, 2016

2-26 Just Another Marvelous Day

What a marvelous day
We woke up to another beautiful day. After breakfast we went to town to finish up our weekly grocery shopping at HEB. Our car was filthy so on the way we stopped by The Car Wash Barn and ran it through the wash. Afterwards Larry and I dried it off and vacuumed it out. Then we went to HEB. We like going early in the morning, the store is less busy and we simply like to get things done early. When we finished our shopping we stopped by The UPS Store and got our mail.

Last November Larry bought a ResMed CPAP machine and it has been wonderful at stopping his snoring. Larry and I both sleep a lot better. Ever since he has been looking for another CPAP machine for a backup and to use on our camping trips. There are always some available but he wanted a the same machine he already has and did not want to travel a long distance, the other day one showed up on Craigslist in Temple so he called the guy. He actually had two machines and didn't know anything about them but the price was really reasonable so we went to look at them. Larry checked both of them out and told the guy he would take the ResMed S9, it was in really good shape and had very few hours on it along with being the same as his current machine. The guy said for $50 more dollars he would throw in the other machine. This was an outstanding price and Larry was counting out the money to buy them both but he decided just to buy the one, the second machine was a different brand and he didn't know what he would do with three machines. Both machines had the original cases and paperwork and a mask, the ResMed came with the same mask as Larry has been using but in a larger size so now he can compare and decide which size works best.
S9 ResMed Machine
In the evening we watched PBS. The first show was The Smithsonian Salutes Ray Charles. It took place at the White House in the East Room, renowned and up-and-coming artists sung his songs along with a big band. The other show we watched was Fats Domino: American Experience, which was about Fats Domino. Both show were very good.

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