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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2- 1 Looks a Bit Like Florida

Sunset at Bit O Heaven
Look at all those palm trees, you might think we are in Florida but these are all in the RV park we are staying in. There are palm trees everywhere here in the valley. This morning we started out by dancing at South Pharr to Randy Dougherty. This was the second time we have danced to him, it was a plus dance with ten squares. Our friends James and Jeanne showed up with another couple from Sun City, Grace and Dan from Tool and Gaynelle and Baily were also there. Once again we danced every tip so I couldn't take any square dancing pictures. Randy did cue a round dance in between the square dancing tips. We had a great time. We had an hour break before our afternoon DBD workshop with Randy. For lunch we went across the street to Para Tacos...La Chilanga, won't be going there again. The menu was in Spanish and the waitress didn't know any English, she had to get some help to explain the menu and the person she found to help didn't know much English either. The prices were reasonable but the food was not that good. Larry and I shared six tacos and the tacos were very small, afterwords we went over to McDonald's and had a cone for dessert. The afternoon DBD workshop had four squares and we were a bit disappointed, the squares continued to break down and we didn't learn much, wasn't a lot of fun. After the workshop we drove around Pharr South RV Park, it is a very nice park where folks purchase their lot and home.

Randy Dougherty
Round Dancing to Randy cuing
The restaurant we ate lunch at
 After dinner I took Flo for her evening walk and she wanted to stay outside so I sat with her. She had been cooped up in the Minnie all day so she earned it. The sun was going down and it was cooling off so I didn't mind sitting outside. As we were relaxing the wind was blowing and the palm trees were swaying.

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