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Sunday, February 28, 2016

2-27 What a fun day!!!!

We had a very fun day. We started out by going to a spelling bee. We had never been to a spelling bee, of course we had seen highlights of the national spelling bee on the news, we thought it might be fun and it was, went really quickly. Bell County had its 82nd Spelling Bee this morning at the Temple Civic Theatre. There were 52 contestants and the top three are awarded money and a plague. The first place winner is also awarded a trophy that travels from school to school each year. The word lists are put together by the University Interscholastic League and are  grouped by grades (Grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8). The biggest problem you have when your watching is not to respond when the child is wrong or correct. Once in awhile the audience does show a little amazement when the child gets a really difficult word and spells it correctly. The lady on the panel that was giving the contestants the words said this was the furthest the contestants had gotten on the difficult word list since she has been doing the spelling bee. The third place winner was Jared Yost an eighth grader from Providence Preparatory School. The second place winner was Madelyn Bradshaw a seventh grader at North Belton Middle School. The winner was Jackson Belobrajdic a sixth grader from Lake Belton Middle School.

The Bell County Spelling Bee Panel
The last three contestants (Jackson Belobrajdic, Madelyn Bradshaw and Jared Yost)
Jackson Belobrajdic the spelling bee winner
The next stop was back to the Temple Library for the last day of the book sale. Today they gave you a paper bag and you fill it up as full as you want, you can buy as many bags of books as you like, $5 a bag. The room was packed with people buying books. We ended up with one bag of 33 books. There were folks from the very young with their mothers to the very old using walkers and wheel chairs, there were lots of volunteers helping to find books and getting people more bags, they were even offering to help you load the books in your car. everyone was having a great time. At the end of the book sale whatever is left gets donated to different organizations. They have these sales twice a year.

All the books we got for $5
The last stop was for lunch. The Temple Convention and Visitor Bureau in January started Food Truck Frenzy every fourth Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00. The event takes place in the City Hall parking lot. The local food vendors setup their trailer and sell food, there is also a DJ playing really loud music. There must have been twenty or so vendors to choose from. We decided to have an Aloha Cheese Steak Sandwich from Dam Sandwiches. It was a Philly cheese steak sandwich with pepper jack cheese, pineapple and peppers. It sounded really good and while it was ok I don't think we will have it again.

Waiting for my order at Dam Sandwiches
Fire Street, where wood fried pizza was sold
People walking around trying to decide what to eat
 In the evening we decided just to hang around the house and read. I finished another Cork O'Connor book called Purgatory Ridge. It was a good book.      

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