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Friday, February 19, 2016

2-18 Just Another Wonderful Day

We're having fun
We didn't have any errands to do, no RV projects, no house projects or any other projects to do. We hung around the house all day. Flo was still trying to re-cooperate from yesterday walk so I didn't take her for a walk. Instead I did laundry and played with my Wii Sports program. I had so much fun doing Wii Sports yesterday I decided to do it again. I played with it for a little over an hour. The section of the Wii Sports I did was training. In this section I did bowling, tennis, baseball, golf and boxing. Each section has three different activities in them. While I was playing with the Wii Sports program I really didn't realize how much of a workout it can be. When I finished the workout I could feel my muscles in my back, buttocks and legs. In the afternoon I took an hour nap and worked on my jig saw puzzle I started awhile back. I've been too busy to work on it. Larry worked on my annual book of our adventures. Today the weather was cooler than it has been and the wind was blowing.

Introduction page for the Wii Sports Program
My Wii Character
The different sections in the Training program of Wii Sports
In the evening we didn't have any square dancing so we rented the movie Cars off of Google Play for 2.99. It was another cute computer-animated comedy-adventure sports movie made by Disney starring Owen Wilson as the main character Lightening McQueen, who finds the meaning of friendship. It also stars Bonnie Hunt and Paul Newman. I enjoyed watching it. We had a very relaxing day.


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