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Thursday, July 30, 2015

7-29 Summer Fun with Louise & Autumn

Louise Water Skiing
In a normal summer we go boating many days, this summer boating has been a challenge, Belton Lake parks were closed due to high lake levels caused by all the rain we had this year, when the parks finally opened the wind came up so we haven't been on the lake much. Louise was off yesterday and today so Larry invited her out to go boating. She was thrilled to death considering she hasn't been out all summer. She and her dog Autumn showed up about 9:00 with blueberry muffins from 7-11, they were delicious. After saying hi to Louise and Autumn we put Autumn in the kennel and said our good-byes to her and Flo and we headed towards Rogers Park to launch the boat. At first when we were on the lake the wind was blowing a little but we found some decent water. Louise, Larry and I all water skied. This was the second time this year that Larry and I had water good enough to ski. When everyone finished skiing we floated. We were at the lake for an hour and a half and we had a great time.

Video of Louise

Louise water skiing

Good-bye into the water I go

Larry and Louise floating

Autumn and Louise walking at Temple Lake Park
Flo and Autumn swimming
Flo and Autumn wading in the lake
After we played on the lake we put stuff together for a picnic and then we put it in Louise's car. We loaded both Autumn and Flo into the car and headed to Temple Lake Park for a picnic. Once at the park Flo and Autumn were so excited it didn't take them too long to go swimming. Louise was surprised that Autumn went into the lake and swam because she had never seen Autumn swim. Autumn is a great swimmer and so is Flo. While the girls were swimming Larry tried to light the charcoal but it wouldn't light, it was suppose to be the instant lite charcoal but maybe it had been around too long, I think we bought it last summer. He tried a few times but he was unsuccessful so we loaded back into the car and went back to the house. Once we were back home I barbecued lunch, which was HEB Hatch Green Chiles Sausages. We also had potato salad and for dessert Jell-O No Bake Cherry Cheesecake. Everything was delicious. After lunch we said good-bye to Louise and Autumn. We had a super visit with Louise and Autumn.

Susan and Matt Barnes
In the evening Larry and I met up with Jan, Skip and Belinda to go square dancing at Shirts 'n' Skirts for their weekly dance. The dance was Dog Day of Summer and the club brought hot dogs and all the trimmings and desserts. They also had a special caller, Matt Barnes, who is out of Bryan/College Station. There were six squares for mainstream and four squares for plus. Matt is a super caller and everyone seemed to have a great time. There was a lot of delicious food.             

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