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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7-14 Boating on Belton Lake

Outside temperature
What a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the wind was light!!!! Larry and I decided to try another time launching the boat at Arrowhead Point ramp. The boat started right up. Life is good. Once the boat was launched Larry parked the trailer and walked to the dock. The lake is still up so he had to wade out to the dock, the water was below his waist. While I waited for him to get to the dock I put the cover up. The wind was blowing a little, I had to go to the left of the dock in order to pick Larry up. We drove around the lake to check out the other ramps. The water was a little rough so we just floated. We were at the lake for about an hour and had fun. When we got back home Flo was very excited to see us.
Larry floating in Belton Lake

Belton Lake
A family playing in the water by the dock
The parking lot at Arrowhead Point
During the day I worked on my puzzle and worked out. Larry played with his Raspberry Pi, he was able to build a circuit where he could turn a light on and off via the Pi. While I was working out Flo went outside to sun even though it was 99 degrees outside. What a crazy girl she is.

The module on the circuit board all lite up

The code Larry used to turn on the light on and off
Flo sunning on the driveway at 99 degrees
In the evening we streamed our Sunday shows on PBS, the Last Tango in Halifax and The Crimson Field. 

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