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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-11 Dancing with Tim Tyl

Austin Square and Round Dance Association Dance
This morning Larry and I washed our new rug again but this time we washed the back. Now it's hanging over the porch railing to dry. The Bell County Exposition Center was having The Texas 4H 5th annual dog show so Larry and I decided to go. It was getting hot outside so when we went to town we left Flo at home. During the week fire departments from the area came to practice big rapid rescue. This was exciting for them because they don't get a chance that often to do so this. We saw the boat when we went to town so today when we went to town we stopped at Miller Park to watch the water being released from Belton Lake. It just amazing watching it. When we arrived at the Expo Center the parking lot was almost empty, Larry thought he had misread the paper but the electronic board said the dog show was this weekend. Obviously nothing was going on so we kept on going.  We hung around the house the rest of the day. I worked on my puzzle and Larry watched his weekly TWIT shows, Before You Buy and Giz Wiz.

rescuing one of the firemen from the river
patiently waiting to be recue
rescued one of the men
helping a rescue man into the boat

releasing water from Belton Lake
the water going down stream

This evening we went square dancing in Austin. Two years ago we moved out of Austin and this was the first time we had been back. When we moved to Austin we simply loved it and thought we would never leave, unfortunately the city grew and the traffic became unbearable. It was exciting to go back but we love living in our little town of Belton and would not dream of living in Austin again.

The Austin Square and Round Dance Association was having a dance to welcome in next years officers and they invited Tim Tyl to do the calling and Christina Wiggins from the Killeen Kickers to do the cuing. We had eight squares for mainstream and five squares for plus. The fourth tip Tim taught us some old time square dance moves; Curlique, Substitute, Grand Slide and Inside Arch and Outside Under. This tip was a lot of fun and once you caught on the moves were smooth and pretty. This was the first time Christina ever cued outside her club and she did a great job. We had an outstanding time dancing to Tim's calling. 

Round Dancing to Christina's cuing
Christina Wiggins cuing

Tim Tyl performing during the Texas State Convention in 2014

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