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Saturday, July 18, 2015

7-17 Square Dancing with the Killeen Kickers

New Just Dance Program
About a week ago Larry surprised me by giving me a present, it was the new version of Just Dance, now I have three Just Dance programs to workout to. Even after over thirty-five years he can still surprise me. I have been working out all week to this new version and it's great. 

This morning when Larry was giving Flo her breakfast he saw ants in the garage and there were some crawling in her food so he didn't feed her but he did treat for ants, weird since we just treated for bugs and ants. When I finally crawled out of bed we loaded Flo up and off to town we went to buy her some more food. When we returned to the house he looked at her old food and could not find any ants, he put the food on a plate and looked through it and still could not find any ants. Hopefully they are gone, we really didn't want to throw the food away considering we just opened a new bag.

The Corp of Engineers was suppose to open Roger Park boat ramp at noon, this is where we usually launch the boat so in the afternoon we drove over and it was open. Temple Lake Park is the largest park on the lake and near our house, it is still closed, some of the ramadas are still underwater. Slowly the lake is opening up, the gate is still releasing a lot of water. It's going to be a short boating season for Larry and me.

 Central Texas Lone Star Watermelon Bash Dance

In the evening Larry and I went to our fourth square dance this week. We danced with the Killeen Kickers. They had enough people for three mainstream squares and two plus squares. There was a special ceremony during the dance to honor a couple of club members who are veterans and served in World War II, Ernest who is 94 and Frank who is 97. They were presented with gorgeous quilts. The Quilts of Valor Foundation makes quilts and present them to service members and veterans touched by war, they are called comforting Quilts of Valor. It was a great presentation. We had a fun time dancing to Betsy's square dance calling and Christina's cuing for line and round dancing.

Promenading home.

Line Dancing with Christina

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