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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7-28 Just Another Day

Just another day -- Life is Good

I forgot to mention in my append for Sunday that in the evening we watched a few documentaries The 9/11 Faker, Victori The Truth Just Can't Be One Thing and A Small Section of the World. The 9/11 Faker was about a lady that showed up to the survivors support group and told everyone her tragic story of that day, she ended up heading up the entire group and representing them to everyone, unfortunately her story was not true. It was a very interesting documentary. Victori The Truth Can't Be One Thing was about an artist Victor Victori who's career was painting portraits and how his son Ed tries to manage his work. Victor is a very gifted artist. A Small Section of the World was about a group of women in a remote farming region in Costa Rico and how they started their own company to grow coffee and sell it. It was a great documentary showing the struggle the women had and how they got through the struggles.

Tuesday is normally a day off from square dancing. We went to The Home Depot and a Lumber yard shopping for a door for Louise's house. Larry also checked the battery in the boat and found it was discharged again so we bought a new battery and he installed it, sure hope that fixes it. In the evening we watched our PBS shows from Sunday night The Crimson Field and Last Tango in Halifax.    

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