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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5-7 Doing Laundry


After spending six weeks on the road I spent today doing laundry. It seemed like I was never going to be done but after six loads I was finished. A few days before we got home Larry ordered a new toy from Amazon, a Kindle. Larry enjoys reading books when we’re on the road and once in awhile I’ll read one, he takes a lot of books with us in a box so he thought it would be nice to have a Kindle. A couple of weeks before we left on our trip he had a chance to buy one for $59 and by the time he convinced himself to buy one the sale was over. Somehow he set an alert that if the price came back down he would get an email so even though we were on the road he was able to get the email and place an order. When we got back in town the Kindle was waiting for him. Today he got the opportunity to play with it. He was like a little boy in the candy store he was so excited. He was surprised that it already knew who he was and how many free e-books are available for the Kindle.

Our Kindle 5-8
Larry’s New Toy

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