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Thursday, May 21, 2015

5-19 Converting the Kitchen Light

The Kitchen Light

This morning  we woke up to a light drizzle, when it stopped went to town to go grocery shopping and to check our mail at the UPS Store. When we got back home we put the groceries away and then had lunch. Afterwards I worked on the jig saw puzzle and Larry decided to work on the kitchen light. Larry has been talking about converting the light from Fluorescent to LEDs. He ordered the LED light bulbs and they arrived yesterday. First thing he had to do was rewire the light fixture because with the LEDs you no longer use the ballast instead you go direct. Once he rewired the light he put the bulbs in and it worked excellent. The light now doesn't use as much energy as it use to and the amount of light remains the same.

Larry rewiring the kitchen light

New light bulbs

Later on in the afternoon I took Flo down to the lake so she could go swimming, I wasn't going to because it was very humid. She probably was wondering if she would ever go swimming again. She's eleven years old and she can't walk as far as she use to. When we go to the lake we're usually gone for an hour and by the time we get back home Flo is limping and very tired. We have been getting a lot of rain and I was curious about if the lake had come up so I decided to take Flo for a swim. The lake has risen quite a bit but due to the wind it was rough, Flo didn't care she was ready to go swimming. As she swam I walked along the bank, with the water being higher it was a bit of a challenge, I had to walk through tall weeds and sometimes I had to walk in the water which is still cold. It was great to see the lake up. We walked as far as we usually do but it didn't seem as far because the lake was up. On the way home we stopped at the neighbor's house to say hi to the two little boys. When we got home Flo was exhausted and she was limping, I felt sorry for her. What a mean mom I was to make her walk so far but she did have a great time at the lake.

Flo swimming in Belton Lake

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