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Monday, May 25, 2015

5-24 What should I do now?

What should I do next?
Larry and I have been working on a jig saw puzzle Cinque Terre, Italy since we've been back from our trip I finally finished it tonight. Now I have to make a decision on our next puzzle. Last week when we went shopping we picked up a couple puzzles, Vintage America by Buffalo and Large-Grand-Grande by Mega Puzzles, both have 2000 pieces. If I don't do a puzzle I might adventure into reading a book. 

The box the puzzle came in

Look at all the 2000 pieces of the puzzle!!!

Cinque Terre, Italy after being put together (38.5 inches X 26.5 inches)

In the evening we watched the fourth and fifth episodes of the Roosevelt. We had watched the third episode on PBS last Tuesday so we skipped it today. The episodes we watched were about Franklin Roosevelt and his programs he introduced during The Great Depression. Both of them were very interesting and informative.

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