Pictures From October 2018 - It's All About Having Fun!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tuesday 11-12 Another Cold Day

Keeping warm

It was cold all day, the wind blew early but died down as the day went on. 

In the morning we hung around the house keeping warm considering it was in the 20s. I read and worked on my annual book. Larry read.

After lunch we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping. On the way we swung by the UPS Store because they said we had a package waiting. Larry went inside and was walking towards the door with the box when he checked the address and found out it wasn't for us. It was actually for Box 275, we are 175. Then we went to Dollar Tree to pick up some more rice rolls but they were out. We didn't leave empty handed we picked up some tostadas shells and bread. Next stop was HEB for our grocery shopping. Then we swung by The Home Depot to buy some bug killer.

Weekly grocery shopping

 A few months ago Larry had a crown come off a tooth, the dentist put it back on but since then that tooth has given him problems, not all the time but off and on. It was bothering him this afternoon so he called the dentist office while we were at The Home Depot. They asked him how soon he could come in, he said in about fifteen minutes. The dentist fit him in between other patients. They took an x-ray and discovered the tooth was cracked below the crown. When Larry would chew on that side the tooth would move around and the moving was causing the pain. The dentist had to numb him up and remove the crown. There is no fixing the tooth, he will have to go to an oral surgeon and have it removed. Looks like he will be going down the path of another implant. While he was in the dental chair the office building was evacuated, all ten stories of the building had to climb down the stairs to the lobby. It ended up being a false alarm caused by a defective fire alarm in the basement. Once we were back upstairs the dentist finished removing the crown. 

Going to the dentist

By the time we got home it was almost time for dinner. After dinner we started to watch the third season of Good Karma Hospital on Acorn. It's a cute series about a hospital in a coastal town in tropical South India. Then I finished watching Hidden. I didn't really like it, it was very hard to follow because it was in Welsh and English. It was also a little too graphic at times. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Monday 11-11 It's Cold

It's cold

The high today was early in the morning, by afternoon the temperature was dropping. The wind came up and clouds rolled in. When the wind came up it looked like fall because leaves were blowing out of the trees. It started sprinkling in the afternoon and didn't stop until the evening. By midnight the temperature had dropped to 33 degrees at the house. 

Tomorrow, it's suppose to be cold all day and not get out of the low 40s.

This morning Larry winterized the Minnie. He drained the water heater and emptied the tanks because he didn't want things to freeze up. Then we took the Minnie to the storage center where she is parked indoors. The stall has power so Larry plugged the Minnie in and setup heaters in the Minnie to keep it warm. Since we have heaters keeping the temperature above freezing we didn't really have to winterize but it doesn't take all that long and we don't have to worry about if the power has gone out.

Afterwards we went home. I read and worked on my annual book. Larry continued working on Louise's old computer and read. 

Our trees in the yards needed to be trimmed. The branches were starting to grow over the roof and we had small limbs rubbing on the Minnie when we back her next to the house. Last week a gentleman from Brothers Landscaping Tree Service came door to door to see if anyone needed any services. Larry had told the gentleman no but a little while later he called him on the phone and asked him to come by to give us a quote. When he came back Larry made an appointment to get our trees trimmed. A crew of three guys showed up around 2:30 to do the trimming. We were surprised because it was cold and really windy. We watched them trim the trees, it was scary to watch them because they used ladders to climb on the trees and then one gentleman would shimmy up the trees on the branches to trim the little branches. Another gentleman trimmed some of the branches with a gas powered extension saw that worked excellent. They hauled off the trimmings in a flat bed trailer. After trimming up the trees they sealed the areas trimmed to prevent oak wilt. They were here about an hour and did all the trimming we needed. They did an excellent job. 

One of the trees before it was trimmed

Trimming up the tree

Trimming the small branches off a limb
The oak tree in the frontyard all trimmed up

On Monday evenings we usually go to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers but today we decided to stay home because it was cold and drizzling. The temperature was going to continue dropping. During evening we finished up watching the first season of Boston Legal and watched a couple of episodes from the second season. Afterwards I watched a couple episodes of Hidden. I did my 12,000 steps. We spent the evening keeping warm.  

Monday, November 11, 2019

Sunday 11-10 Dancing to Jimmy Johnson

Having fun

Today was a gorgeous day with sunshine and temperatures in the 70s.

We started the day out by hanging around the house. We watched a couple of episodes of the GizWiz, now we're all caught up. Larry read the newspaper and worked on Louise's old computer while I worked on my annual book. 

After lunch we went to Georgetown to dance with Jimmy Johnson's DBD square dancing group. They try to dance once a month but sometimes they can't get enough dancers and the dance gets cancelled. The dance has been held in Briarcliff which is over 100 miles from the house, this time it was in Georgetown which was a lot more convenient. We have been spending about five months a year on the road so we are not always able to dance with the group. When we showed up today the group was happy to see us and gave us a warm welcome. We had one square plus an extra person. We use to get three squares. The schedule for the dancing was 2:00 to 4:00, 4:00 to 4:45 dinner break and 4:45 to 6:45 dancing. Today we only danced to 6:00. We had a great time of dancing. 

Square dancing with friends

When we got home Larry worked on Louise's computer while I read until it was time for Larry to go to bed. Then I watched a couple of episodes of Hidden and finished up my steps. Today I did 12,000 steps. After watching Hidden I did my daily challenges. We had a super day.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Saturday 11-9 Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

The day started out with fog. When Larry woke up the sun was shining and there was no fog but by 7:30 when I woke up the fog had rolled in.

We spent most of the day in Round Rock doing things for Louise. It was Christmas time at Louise's house. She has her Christmas tree up already and her Christmas decorations out. She did a super job of decorating for Christmas.

Christmas at Louise's house

First project was taking down cable wires. Months ago Louise changed internet provider. When they came over and disconnected her from the old service they unhooked the cable from the pole and left it hanging from her house. It looked horrible so Larry removed it this morning.

What a mess

Larry removing the cable wires

The next project was fixing her toilet. At times the toilet did not want to stop running so the other day Larry picked up a kit for it. When he looked at it today he found that the flapper ball was in bad shape, he replaced it and hopefully that will fix the problem. 

The next project was phone service and it took a lot longer than we expected. Louise has been having problems with her cell phone provider, which is Cricket. At home her phone sometimes wouldn't work at all. When she went to the Cricket Store it would work perfect. She has been fighting this problem for a long while. Cricket works on the AT&T network. She can't continue having a cell service that is so unreliable. Recently Larry had changed our cell service over to a new provider called Visible which works on the Verizon network, so far we have been happy with the service. Louise decided to switch to Visible which meant buying a new phone. She ordered it from Visible so today Larry setup the new phone. This took some time.

While we were traveling Louise's home phone service had quit, when we got home Larry got it fixed but he also wanted to move her home phone number over to Google Voice. Last week he started working on porting her phone number. Google Voice could not port her number directly from her current provider so Larry ported the number to T-Mobile and then had Google Voice port the number from them. To do this he bought a T-Mobile Sim card and during the activation he transferred her home phone number. Today he had Google Voice port the number away from T-Mobile.

Now that he had both her cell phone and home phone working he wanted them to work together. He setup Google Voice so that whenever someone calls her home number both her home phone and Cell phone will ring, she can answer the call on either one. If she calls anyone from either device the caller id will be her home phone number. It took a lot of time to work through everything and setup her new cell phone but when we left it all worked perfectly. Louise is one happy woman.

While Larry worked on the project I worked on a jig saw puzzle and played with Alice. For lunch Louise surprised us with chicken she had bought at Walmart. We love Walmart's chicken. Along with the chicken we had potato salad. 

We had left to go to Louise's before 8:00 and didn't get home until 5:30. We had a long day at Louise's house but it was nice to visit with her.

In the evening we watched Captain Marvel again. Then I finished doing my steps. My goal for the day is 10,600 steps but I have been doing 12,000 steps. Today I only did 11,000 steps. We had a busy day but it was fun.            

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Friday 11-8 Another Cold Day

It's cold

We had a cold day. It started out in the 40's and didn't get out of 50s, along with that we had a north wind.

This morning we went to McDonald's for breakfast. Larry had the hot cakes and I had the six piece donut sticks. We tried the donut sticks earlier this year and they were not that good. Apparently McDonald's discontinued them but brought them back for the holiday season. I tried them again, well, they still weren't very good, I even dipped them in the chocolate sauce but it still didn't make them taste any better.

We then went across the parking lot to Walmart to pickup a couple of things. When we got home I went through my Kindle to choose another book to read. Awhile back Larry introduced me to a cute series about a newspaper reporter Penny Green and how she works with Scotland Yard detective, James Blakely to solve cases. There are nine books in the series, I have read four of them. Today I started the fifth book called Curse of the Poppy. I also worked on my annual book.

Relaxing with a book

In the afternoon we watched an episode of GizWiz and some of the YouTube videos we follow.

In the evening Larry was flipping through Amazon to choose something to watch and found that Captain Marvel came up to rent for $2.99. We have been waiting for it to come up to rent. It is another Avengers movie. It was good because it explained how the Avengers started. Afterwards we watched an episode of Boston Legal. When Larry went to bed I started watching a series called Hidden. I had watched two episodes awhile back and stopped because it was in both English and Welsh. When they talk Welsh you have to concentrate on reading the subtitles because they translate the Welsh language into English. Tonight I watched the first two episodes again and concentrated on reading the subtitles and understood the story better. It's an ok series that goes through the whole season to solve one case. Then I did my daily Solitaire challenges.

Watching television


Friday, November 8, 2019

Thursday 11-7 Wet Nasty Day

Wet nasty day

We had a wet nasty day. The high for today was early morning at 65 degrees by the time we went to bed at 10:00 it was 44 degrees. We had a north wind which made it cold.

We spent the day in the house keeping dry and warm. I finished reading a book and worked on my annual book. Larry finished reading a book.  I also did the daily solitaire challenges and the 30 Klondike Adventure Challenge.

Reading is fun

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance our weekly C1 & A2 dancing with the Sundancers. We met at 5:15 to dance C1 with three other couples. We danced to tapes that were a little more complex than usual. At 6:30 the A2 dancers showed up. We had two squares and an extra person so everyone had to dance. We danced until 8:00. We had a super time dancing with friends and to tapes.

When we got home we watched an episode of Boston Legal. When Larry went to bed I worked on my annual book. I was tired so I only did 6,000 steps instead of 12,000 steps.   

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Wednesday 11-6 Finishing Up the Minnie

Smile and be happy

It was another cloudy day with the temperature getting to 80 degrees.

I started the day off by vacuuming and washing the floors in the Minnie. While I did this I put the rugs in the washing machine. When I got to the cab I took the floor mats out and cleaned them. After I finished cleaning the Minnie I continued doing housework but I moved onto the house. I vacuumed the house and washed the rugs.

Doing chores

A latch on one of the storage doors of the Minnie doesn't work right any more so Larry removed it. While he was washing and waxing the Minnie he checked out the seams to make sure the sealant was good. There are a couple of places that should be resealed. After lunch we went to Sunbelt RV Center to buy a new latch and sealant. The latches came two in a box so we had to buy two.

When we got home Larry installed the new latch. Before doing so he had to modify it a little bit. The Minnie's floor mats and rugs were dry so we put them back in the Minnie. Now the Minnie is all clean.

After doing our little projects I worked on my annual book and read a bit. Larry read.

Our friends Larry and Patricia from Gatesville called and then stopped by to visit. This was the first time we have seen them since they gave up square dancing. We do keep in contact every month or two via email bit it was very nice to see and visit with them.

In the evening we watched the 2010 True Grit movie off of Amazon Prime. It starred Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld. It was ok but I prefer the old True Grit from 1969 starring John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. Afterwards we watched a couple of episodes of Boston Legal. Then I read a couple of hours before calling it a night. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!    

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tuesday 11-5 Waxing the Minnie

Cloudy Day

Today was mostly cloudy but we had occasional sun and it got to 81 degrees.

In the morning we read. 

Yesterday, we washed the Minnie so after lunch today we waxed it. Larry went out around noon and started, after I completed 14 of 16 puzzles from The Hard Road event of Solitaire I joined him. Larry had already waxed the back and was finishing up the passenger side of the Minnie. He used a buffing wheel to apply the wax and then he wiped the wax off. In order for him to work up high he had to use a ladder. When he got to the overhead he needed a taller ladder so he got his heavy duty ladder out. While he was buffing the overhead I held the ladder for him. He applied the wax and removed it on the top part of the Minnie. After he applied the wax on the cab and lower part of the Minnie's drivers side I wiped the extra wax off. Larry worked on waxing the Minnie until 4:00. He worked very hard and it looks great.

Waxing the Minnie

Waxing around the mirror and the front end

Waxing above the window

In the evening we finished watching the 15th season of Midsomer Mysteries. I finished doing 12,000 steps. Then I read.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Monday 11-4 Washing the Minnie

Hold on tight

We had a beautiful day, it was very windy but it got up to 80 degrees and the sun was shining.

We started the day out by doing a little reading. 

After being on the road for two months and driving through rain the Minnie was filthy and had a lot of bugs on the front. We decided it was time to wash the Minnie. I should say Larry decided to wash it. Larry washed and I dried. I didn't have to do too much drying because the wind was blowing hard. Larry even climbed up and washed the roof. It took us a couple of hours to wash the Minnie. It looks a lot better now that it's clean.

Washing the Minnie

Scrubbing the spare tire cover

Afterwards Larry rested because in the evening we went square dancing. I worked on my annual book.

Reading is fun

In the evening we drove to Sun City to attend the Sundancers weekly square dance. When we arrived lessons were still going on. The class had four squares. During the dance we had three squares. Barbara asked if I would be the boy during the mainstream tips. I said sure so this evening I had a chance to be a boy one tip because we only had one mainstream tip. How the schedule works, if there are any mainstream dancers the tips rotate mainstream and plus. But if the dancers are all plus Brad will call all plus tips. We started out with three plus squares but after a couple of tips we were down to two. By 9:00 all the plus dancers were gone and the only dancers left were A2 dancers. We had five couples for A2, Brad called a fifteen minute tip and the extra couple taped in.  We had a great time at the dance.

Square dancing is fun

Monday, November 4, 2019

Sunday 11-3 Nolan Creek

What a beautiful day!!!

We had another beautiful day. It got into the high 60s and the sun was shining.

We didn't have anything on our agenda. Larry suggested that we go for a walk. We decided to go to Belton and walk along Nolan Creek using the trail. We started at Yettie Polk Park and walked to Confederate Park. As we were walking we saw a lot of families enjoying the parks along Nolan Creek. Families were feeding the ducks, walking the trail, fishing in Nolan Creek and rolling in the grass. The fountain in Yettie Polk Park was running today. They had done a lot of work on it. It was painted red, white and blue and they have a sign next to it that tells the history of Yettie Polk Park. The park was named after Yettie Polk, she and her four children were killed during a flood in 1913. On the way back to the car I wanted to get a picture of the Bell County Courthouse. We walked around downtown Belton by the courthouse. It was a beautiful day so why not enjoy the park.

Welcome to Yettie Polk Park

The fountain in the park

The Bell County Courthouse in downtown Belton

Fly fishing in Nolan Creek

Having fun feeding the ducks

When we were visiting Louise we parked our car in her driveway under a big tree. When we got home we noticed that the birds liked our car very much. Larry doesn't like to see our vehicles filthy so on the way to Yettie Polk Park we stopped by the car wash and gave the car a bath. We took it to Today's Car Wash in Belton. It opened in the summer and we like taking the car there because you can get a basic wash for $5.00. They also supply towels to dry off your vehicle. 

In the afternoon we watched a couple of episodes of GizWiz and some YouTube videos.

In the evening we tried to stream on Amazon through the television but it wouldn't work. I was thankful that Larry can also stream Amazon through our Chromcast. We were able to stream a couple of episodes of Midsomer Mystery. Then I read. I completed the World Tour Solitaire Challenge and the Daily Challenges. We had a very nice day.  

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Saturday 11-2 Visiting Louise

Gorgeous Day

Our day started out in the 30s and it got into the 60s. The sun was shining and the wind was down. It was a beautiful day.

In the morning we went to Round Rock to visit Louise. Last week Larry did a few brother do's. He brought Louise's ceiling fan light fixture home and he repaired it by replacing the light with a new one. This morning we had to return to Louise's house to install the new one. The light doesn't flicker any more and Louise's living room is very bright now. While he was there he finished working on her home phone and it sounds great.

I have had a Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker for years and love it. Louise has been wanting a activity tracker. While visiting her last week she talked about buying one and Larry suggested the Garmin. They no longer make the Vivofit 2 but they now make the Vivofit 3. Louise ordered one and it came in earlier this week. While we were at her house Larry set it up and showed her how it worked. It's a little different than mine. It has a smaller screen and the button is on top instead of on the side which makes it easier to use. The screen displays both your steps and the time. It no longer comes with a plug to Sync it to your computer, you have to use your Smart Phone. The device is very attractive. She is very excited to have it set up. I think she will like it very much.

We spent the whole day at Louise's house. We got home around 3:30. 

In the evening we watched another three episodes of Doc Martin, now we have to wait for more episodes to be put on the web. Afterwards we watched an episode of Boston Legal. Then I finished watching the third season of No Offense.  

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Friday 11-1 Killeen Kickers Dance

It's cold

We woke up with frost on the rooftops. It was another cold morning but it got up to 60 degrees and the wind was down.

We spent the day indoors keeping warm. I spent the day reading and playing the World Tour Solitaire game, which was 30 different Solitaire games. 

Last night was Halloween and before leaving to go square dance we put out some candy on a chair but no one came by. We weren't too surprised because last year no one came by. This morning Larry took down the Halloween decorations. They were wet from the frost so he spread one in his workroom and the bigger one in the garage. When we got home from square dancing we boxed them up and put them on a self until next year. I really like them, they are large but since they deflate they go back into the box they came in and take up very little room.

Halloween decorations
In the evening we went to Killeen to dance with a local square dancing club. The Killeen Kickers meet every first and third Friday to dance. Dan Clairmont is their caller and he calls mainstream and plus. In between each tip Christina Wiggins cues line dancing. The club brings refreshments. Tonight their dance was called Mysteries Tips. We had three squares of dancers. One tips was where the male dancers pick a card and they danced with another partner. We did a six couple squares tip, this was the first time Dan had called a six couple square and he did a great job. Another tip Christina called and Dan cued the line dancing. They did a good job changing roles. The last tip dancers tapped in whenever they wanted to and it made it challenging for Dan. We had a great time dancing with friends and to Dan and Christina.

Jose, Sherry and Christina having fun line dancing together

Dancing a tip in a circle as a boy

Having fun dancing with friends Christina and Becky

Friends having a ball dancing to Dan

Dan Clairmont calling the Mystery Tips Dance

Larry enjoying Ken and Louis's company during the dance

Sandra and Jose

Christina Wiggins

When we got home from the dance I started watching the third season of No Offense. Then I did my daily challenges.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Thursday 10-31 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. We had a very cold Halloween, this morning it was in the 30's and it only got to the 40s, along with that we had a north wind. The wind could chill you to the bones.

In the morning we went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping at HEB. Then we went across the street to the UPS Store to pick up a package and our mail. Next stop was Walmart to finish our shopping and to get our flu shots. The greeter was dressed up as a witch and when anyone came in she would screech like a witch and welcome you to Walmart. The final stop was Dollar Tree. Then we went home.

Grocery Shopping

I spent the afternoon reading.

The Home Depot had a special Seeds Program this month. We ordered a Christmas snowman. It came in yesterday. We assembled it this afternoon. It was very hard to do because of how it was shipped. It was bundled together with plastic wrap. We had to carefully untangling it because it had a lot of wires. It took both of us to do the project. It came with directions on which part to put together first. We assembled the bottom two pieces first and put a couple of ties to hold the two pieces together. Then we worked on the middle part and tied them together. Next we did the head but first we had to put the arms on and the hat. Once the snowman was assembled we turned it on and it works great. It's big and will take up a lot of room to store. When we got home from square dancing we took the snowman outside to see how it works in the dark. The snowman is automated where it put on and off its hat. It looks pretty good.

How the snowman was bundled up when shipped

The snowman after we untangled the pieces

Tying the middle piece together

Arms assembled


In the dark
In the evening we went to Sun City to dance C1 and A2 with the Sundancers. For C1 we had a square and for A2 we had two squares plus an extra couple. We had a super time dancing with friends.

When we got home I watched a few episodes of Murder Is My Life.