Pictures From October 2018 - It's All About Having Fun!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tuesday 6-25 Calm Tuesday

We had a terrific day. The wind was down a bit and it got to the low 90's.
I did some Sudoku puzzles. Larry continues to convert our DVDs. While the program was doing its thing Larry started working on reviewing products he got from the Home Depot Seeds Program. He mainly worked on the StreamLabs Control, The StreamLabs Controller will monitor the water being used in the house and if it suspects a leak it can notify the home owner and turn off the water. It also measures water usage, temperature and pressure. He installed the controller at the water filter in the garage where he had a previous monitor. This new control goes inside of the plumbing. The control is larger and heavier than the old one so he is working on building a small shelf for it to sit on, until then he has it temporarily propped it up. He will also have to modify or build a new box to cover everything up.

He also received some Shark Bite ProLock Straight and Elbow couplings. They are plastic instead of brass. The new couplings are larger then the brass one and are easier to remove, you don't need to use a tool to remove them.
Stream Labs Controller

The controller installed

The Shark Bite ProLock elbows and couplings

The ProLock Coupling

The ProLock 1/2" Elbow
We have had so much rain in the last week that our yards are growing fast. It had been less than a week since we mowed but today I mowed the frontyard and backyard. It was hot but there was a breeze. 
Mowing the yards
In the evening we watched the first two episodes of this seasons Endeavour. Then we watched another episode of Cadfael. When Larry went to bed I watched Murdock Mysteries.       

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monday 6-24 Dancing with the Sundancers

Overcast Day

A front came through about 2:15 in the morning with thunder, lighting and rain. The rain came down hard. The front stayed in all day. Occasionally it sprinkled a little. 

We spent the day inside. Larry continued converting our DVDs to online files. It's a long process but Larry is having fun. While he was waiting on the files he reads. I did some Sudoku puzzles.

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers. Brad Caldwell was out of town so Dan Clairmont covered for him. During the Plus class we had three squares. We reviewed the moves we learned last week. Dan introduced us to Explode the Wave, Explode & Anything and Trade the Wave. The actual dance also had three squares. We had fun dancing with friends and to Dan. 


Monday, June 24, 2019

Sunday 6-23 Just Another Day

It's summer time

Once again the wind was blowing, not as hard as yesterday but it was blowing. Too much wind for us to go to the lake.

I did some laundry, Larry is working on converting our DVD collection from DVD's to online files we can play via our TV. This is a slow process and will take him quite some time to complete.

The new season of Endeavour on PBS started last week so we spent last night and today watching the last season. Tuesday we'll probably watch the first two episodes of this season. It's an English detective series set in the 1960's and is very good.

We also streamed this week's GizWiz show and other YouTube videos. While we were relaxing in front of the television we saw three roadrunners and a fox in our new neighbor's backyard.

In the evening after getting caught up with Endeavour we watched an episode of Cadfael, it is a historic mystery series based on the books written by Ellis Peters. Cadfael is a Welsh Benedictine monk who lived in the Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul, in Shrewsbury England between 1135 and 1145. There are twenty books in the Brother Cadfael series. We have read most of them and really enjoyed them. The TV adaptation was filmed as a British mystery series from 1994 to 1998. It's not bad and the first one was pretty close to the book. 

Relaxing in front of the television

We had a very relaxing day.  

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Saturday 6-22 Changing Interests

Smile and have a great day

Today we just hung around, the wind was blowing hard again.

A few days ago we had a conversation about how our interests have changed in the years. While we were living in Tucson we raced radio control cars. We started out by racing 10th scale electric cars. On Saturday mornings we would meet at a gentleman's house where he had a track and race with a lot of other people. It would be an all day event. You would be put into different groups. If you won you would get money back or gift certificates for merchandise at the local hobby shops. I participated in the racing. I wasn't too good but had fun. Gradually we moved into 1/4 scale gas cars. When we were in 1/4 scales cars we would met on the weekends to race in a parking lot with three other guys.  On some weekends we would go to San Diego and race. Every year there was a big national race in Las Vegas, drivers from all over came to race. We met a lot of people and had a great time. When we moved to Austin we stopped racing. Years later we got back into it, by then Monster Trucks came out so Larry bought me a truck to race in the Monster Truck group. I was normally the only woman racing and I had a great time.

When we moved to Austin our interests changed. We bought a boat. Larry taught me how to drive the boat because it usually was just the two of us. Larry also taught me how to water ski. As the years went by we both learned how to, wake board, Air Chair and wake surf. At the beginning we would get up early in morning and be on Lake Travis by 7:30. We would be on the lake almost every day. We also had bought a lot on a private ski lake in Creedmoor Texas, after work and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons we skied there. We kept a boat on Lake Travis and another on the private lake. We averaged 80 days on the lake each year. The last couple of years we have only averaged 14 days. It just seems like we're not as motivated as we once were plus we now travel a bit during times we use to boat. We still have a great time once we were on the lake.

After moving to Austin we also learned to scuba drive. We would fly into places like, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Antigua. Over the years we dove over 200 times. We then got into snow skiing and camping and quit diving. Diving also required flying which got to be more difficult and when baggage fees came along it was really expensive to fly with dive gear.

When we started snow skiing we would sometimes drive and other times we would fly. We would take multiple trips each year. We still like to ski but today we only ski once a year and sometimes not even that.

Now our interest is Square Dancing, we started five years ago. At the beginning we would dance six days a week but now we dance two or three times a week. When there is a special dance we will go. The special dances are usually on the weekends and for a couple of days. We now dance higher level square dancing and in order to get floor time we have to travel. We love square dancing and have met a lot of great people and super callers.

I guess our interest have changed but we still are having fun learning new things. We still do some of our old interests but just not as often. LIFE IS GOOD.      

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Friday 6-21 Killeen Kickers Pie Dance

First Day of Summer

Today was the first day of summer. Boy, we felt it. It was hot and humid.

It was windy all day so we spent the day hanging around the house. We spent the afternoon streaming the last season of Foyle's War. I liked how they ended the series. 

In the evening we went to Killeen to attend the Killeen Kickers Pie Dance. Every year the Kickers have a pie dance to kick off the summer. The club supplied a lot of delicious pies, such as: peach, pecan, apricot, chocolate creme, strawberry, apple and others. We had three squares of dancers for Mainstream and two squares for Plus. One of the dancers, John, brought his four grandchildren to the dance. They didn't know how to square dance but on one of the tips Gail, (Dan's wife) and Christina each took one of the girls and danced Siamese. The tip was very fun. Everyone was laughing. Christina Wiggins cued line dancing in between the square dancing tips. She did a great job. Dan Clairmont did an excellent job of calling. We had a super time dancing with friends.

Pies for the Killeen Kickers Pie Dance

Dan Clairmont calling the dance
Having fun doing a line dance with friends

DeAnn and Rick having fun dancing with friends

Betty and Barb enjoying the dance

Dancing as Siamese during a tip

Tea and Billy Ray having fun watching people dancing

Friday, June 21, 2019

Thursday 6-20 Hot and Humid Day

It's hot

It was hot and humid all day.

Temperature at 3:00 was 96 degrees, 53% humidity

By morning the rain was gone but the wind was blowing hard. We went to town to do our weekly grocery shopping. While in town we swung by the UPS Store to pickup the mail and a couple of packages that were waiting for us.

A couple of nights ago I was going to make toast and the toaster wouldn't work. I thought maybe it was the electrical plug so I plugged it into another one, it still didn't work. Larry thought about tearing it apart and trying to fix it but decided it wasn't worth it. We don't need a fancy toaster and only need two slots. While I was sleeping Larry did a little research on toasters. He found a few that were about $20 dollars at Walmart. He read the reviews on the different toasters. After picking up our mail we went to Walmart and bought the Black and Decker toaster. It came in two colors, red or black. We got the red one. Once at home we tested the toaster out. It took a few tests to decide on what number we wanted.

New Toaster

After lunch I finished my puzzle. It took me almost three weeks to complete it. It was very challenging because there was a lot of colors that were very close to the same color. But I liked the challenge. Kirkland Lake Station puzzle all finished.

Kirkland Lake Station puzzle finished

In the afternoon I studied Taminations for about an hour and did the Event: Free Cell Adventure. I checked on my flowers. I saw that I had a lot of flowers but the storms have been very hard on them. 

My poor flowers
In the evening we went to Sun City and danced with the Sundancers Advanced and Challenge group.We had three couples for the C1 hour and six couples of the A2 dances. We had a super evening of dancing with friends.


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Wednesday 6-19 Air Chairing

Boating on Lake Belton

We spent the morning hanging around the house. I worked on my puzzle and Larry read.

After lunch we went outside and Larry mowed. While he did the mowing I weedeated and blew off the porches, the garage and driveway. 

When we finished we decided to go to the lake. I thought it was too windy but once at the lake I changed my mind. The lake wasn't flat but it wasn't too rough. We put the Air Chair together and flew it down the lake. Afterwards we did a little floating in the lake. It took me three tries to get the boat on the trailer, I don't know if it was because of the wind or I simply wasn't concentrating. As I came towards the trailer I would over correct in one direction and then over correct in the other direction, by the time I got near the trailer the boat was too crooked. The third time Larry directed me. After getting the boat on the trailer we wiped the boat down. We were at the lake an hour and a half. We had a great day on the lake.

Larry enjoying the lake

Having fun
Once we were home I continued working on my puzzle and Larry read. About 9:30 the power went out for around 10 minutes and 30 minutes later a thunderstorm came through.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tuesday 6-18-19 Motorcycle Project

Rebuilding Motorcycle Carburetor

A front came through in the morning with wind and a little rain. The wind stayed around all day.

Larry had rebuilt the original motorcycle carburetor yesterday with an after market Sumo Carburetor Rebuilt Kit. This morning he installed the rebuilt carburetor, because of the limited space it is difficult to do. The motorcycle ran fine but the problem he was trying to correct was still there. He ended up taking the carburetor back off and going back to the one he purchased last year.

Removing the side covers

Unscrewing the clamps from the carburetor

Removing the carburetor

The old carburetor

Installing the new carburetor
The finished project

While Larry was doing the motorcycle project I kept him company. In the afternoon I worked on my puzzle while Larry read. 

In the evening we watched a couple of episodes of Foyle's War. When Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries. We had a very relaxing day. 

Relaxing in front of the television

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Monday 6-17 Dancing with the Sundancers

Smile and be happy

We had a very nice day. We started it out by going to town to do a little shopping. The first stop was Walmart and then we went to the Home Depot to buy some weed and feed for the yard. We had bought hangers there in the past and I wanted to buy some more but they no longer have the ones I wanted. We walked over to Target and they did not have what I wanted either. Afterwards we went to Belton to the UPS Store to pick up a package and the mail.

Last year Larry replaced the carburetor on the motorcycle with a new aftermarket one. It works fine but he would like to fix the original carburetor, at the time the only way to get parts for the original Yamaha carburetor was to purchase the individual pieces from Yamaha and the pieces cost much more than the aftermarket carburetor. There is now an inexpensive after market rebuild kit so Larry decided to try and fix the original carburetor.  

In the afternoon I worked on my puzzle and Larry worked on rebuilding the motorcycle carburetor. He replaced the parts in the carburetor with the parts that were in the kit. 

Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Sumo Carburetor Rebuilt Kit

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers and Brad Caldwell. It was a quiet evening. For the Plus class we had three squares, we learned: Peel the Top, Diamond Circulate and Flip the Diamond. We also reviewed the moves we already learned. For the dance we had three squares. By 8:45 everyone had left except for four couples of Advanced dancers. We ended up dancing 30 minutes of Advanced. Brad did an excellent job of calling. We had an outstanding night of dancing with friends and to Brad. 

Square dancing with friends

Monday, June 17, 2019

SUnday 6-16 Happy Father's Day

Stormy evening

Happy Father's Day to everyone. I hope you had a great day.

Happy Father's Day

The day started out with sunshine and some clouds. 

I spent the day working on my puzzle and Larry read. We watched last week's episode of GizWiz and some YouTube videos.

While we were relaxing in front of the television we heard thunder and then the rain came down very hard. When we looked out the window to watch the rain we saw a doe and a fawn grazing in the yard. The fawn was very young and seemed to be jumping around trying to avoid the rain, it was cute to watch. After they wandered off we thought the rain went away when all of a sudden hail came down. The front stayed in all evening and through out the night. During the storm we watched a couple of episodes of Foyle's War and I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries. We had a very relaxing day.

Fawn and doe in our yard
The fawn playing in the rain
The hail storm

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Saturday 6-15 Visiting Bryan Texas

Square dancing with friends

We spent the day in Bryan Texas. We started out by visiting the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, it took us about 90 minutes. It was beautiful and had a lot of displays about President Bush's life, there was even an area devoted to Barbara Bush. It was very interesting and educational. We enjoyed our visit.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

The plane President Bush flew during the war

The dress that Barbara Bush wore to the Inaugural Ball

George Bush statue in the garden

Sky diving onto the library grounds

Every year the Texas State Square and Round Dance Festival occurs in June. The festival starts on Thursday night with a Trails End Dance. Friday is a Pre-Festival Dance with square dancing and round dancing in the afternoon and evening. The actually Festival is on Saturday. The square dances are Mainstream, Plus, DBD and Advanced. Dancers come from all over Texas. We attended the afternoon sessions of Advanced from 2:00 to 3:20 and DBD from 3:20 to 5:00. The callers we danced to were: Bob Baier, Dan Clairmont, Tim Ploch, KO Jeans and Brad Caldwell. Each caller called for twenty minutes. We had two squares for Advanced and six for Plus DBD. Each caller had their own style, they were full of energy and challenging. We danced with friends and had a super afternoon. 

Dan Clairmont calling a tip

Bob Baier visiting with dancers during a break

K.O. Jeanes enjoying the company of dancers

Tim Ploch thanking Mary for coming to the dance

Larry enjoying watching friends dancing

Friends having fun dancing

Friends enjoying themselves
Bryan is 90 miles from the house, we were back home around 7:00.