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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Tuesday 4-23-24 Jefferson City Visit


Capitol Building

We woke to a temperature in the 50's. A couple of days ago rain was predicted along with temperatures in the 30's. We were glad this did not happen because we were riding the motorcycle to Jefferson City to do some site seeing. It got up to 70 degrees before a small front came in. It looked like rain all day and at 3:00 it came. It was pretty steady for a bit but by 4:00 it was gone.

I woke up at 7:00 and made cinnamon french toast sticks for breakfast. Then we got ready to go to Jefferson City. We had a tour scheduled for 9:20 but we weren't sure how long it would take to get there, park and get through security. The motorcycle was already off the carrier we took the cover off. Once Larry got it to start he let it warm up a bit. We were headed for town at 8:30. 

The Capitol Building was eight miles from the campground. Our motorcycle is a small bike and Larry didn't want to drive it on the interstate so he programmed a route using the residential area. This was an easier route and didn't have a lot of traffic. A few blocks from the capitol building there were a couple of sets of railroad tracks we had to cross. One was easy but the other one was on an angle so Larry had to cross it on an angle, it worked out great.

When we got to the capitol building we found a place to park but we forgot to bring some quarters. Fortunately they had a great application to pay for the parking meter. You download the application on your phone and use it to enter the zone you parked in and your license plate number along with your payment. The parking was only good for two hours. It was very easy to go through security. You just had to walk through the metal detector. We went to the desk to let them know we were here for the tour. The gentleman confirmed the reservation and told us where to meet the tour guide. Meanwhile he said we could walk through the museum.

The capitol building was very busy because the legislators were in session. They had bus loads of kids and other groups. We walked through half the museum before we had to meet up with our group. The museum was outstanding. It had super exhibits about the history of Missouri. It had exhibits on local artists, the CCC, veterans and other things. We thought that the museum had the best exhibits about the CCC. The exhibits explained what the CCC consisted of and what the people did. They had a big model of the USS Missouri battle ship. There were displays on how life was at the beginning and how it is today. 


Group of ladies touring the capitol building


Carnaval story dress 2000

Wyandot Water Drum and Rattle 2023


Model of the USS Missouri


Our tour was with a group of elementary students. The tour guide was very good. He talked about the statues around the inside of the building, the paintings and some of the decor. He explained that the capitol building we were in was the third capitol building in the same site. There was a fire that destroyed the first one but because the penitentiary was very close they used prisoners, citizens and even the governor to save some of the items from inside. All of the documents were destroyed. He told us how much it cost to rebuild the capitol building and how much it would cost today. We climbed up three flights of stairs. At the end of the tour we all went into the House of Representatives Chamber, they were getting ready to be in session. But we left before they started. Then we walked around the rest of the capitol building and the museum. We had a great tour.

Civilian Conservation Corps hats


Our tour guide

Walt Disney


House of Representatives Chambers


William Clark 1770

The Capitol Building had a lot of statues and history around the grounds. After touring the inside we got a map of the grounds and walked around looking at the statues. The map we had listed the statues and explained a little about the statue. We saw the Mississippi River Statue, Missouri River Statue, Liberty Bell replica, Missouri Veterans Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Statue, Signing of the Treaty, Lewis and Clark Monument and many more. The Veterans Memorial had a beautiful fountain. Where the Signing of the Treaty memorial was there was an outstanding fountain. The Capitol Building was very beautiful and we had fun walking around the grounds looking at the statues and learning history of Missouri.

Missouri River Statue


Thomas Jefferson

 Mississippi River Statue

Lewis and Clark Monument

Missouri Veterans Memorial


 Signing of the Treaty known as the  "Louisiana Purchase"

Half of the fountain at the treaty statue

One of the 53 Liberty Bell

By the time we finished walking the grounds it was time to move the motorcycle. We had a super time walking around the grounds. We drove around looking for the Missouri State Penitentiary Museum. We found the actual penitentiary but not the museum. We didn't really want to tour the penitentiary so Larry found a place to have lunch. It was Towne Grill. It was a cute little diner, that is open from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm. It had great food and super service. We shared the pork loin sandwich with french fries.


Serving Counter


Larry waiting for our meal


  Our meal

After lunch we went back to Binder Park. The ride to town was cold but Larry kept me warm because I was sitting behind him. The ride back to the park was a lot warmer. It was nice to have the motorcycle with us because Larry didn't have to find a place to park the Minnie.

We spent the rest of the day reading. I played the Daily Solitaire Challenges from yesterday and today. I also did the event, which was Event: Pyramid Mini of 5 games. It took me 11 minutes and 59 seconds, which put me in 13th place in my group.

I started my walk to get my steps about 3:00 but I only did one lap around the RV loop because it started to sprinkle. I made it home just in time before the rain came down harder. After dinner I finished my walk. I walked around for an hour. I walked around the campground and the pavilion area. The road to the pavilion was closed so I had to walk around the gate. This just made my walk a little longer and fun. By the ended of the day I had done 17,000 steps, which put me in 2nd place in my group. 

While we were relaxing we enjoyed listening to parents cheering their kids on at the sports complex. This was the second night in a row they were cheering the boys on while they played baseball. We had a great day.


The pavilion at the park


Baseball game at the sports complex




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