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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Wednesday 7-31 Last Day of July

Time to go boating

Today was the last day of July, at 4:00 it was 101 degrees at our house. Boy, I'm glad I have air conditioning.

On Wednesday's HEB comes out with a weekly sale insert in the paper, last week they had Coke products on sale. We like Coke Zero Orange Vanilla. When we went shopping last week they were out. Yesterday was the last day of the sale but we didn't feel like going to the store simply to find out they were still out of stock. Larry decided to try out HEB's online Curbside shopping. This was our first time using their online ordering, we discovered there is a 3% fee added to the price and if you want to pickup the products the same day it cost you an additional $5.00. If you pick the products up the next day it's free. After you put in your order the application ask you what time you want to pick up your order. Larry decided to pick it up this morning between 8:30 and 9:00. 

Before going to town to pick up our order HEB texted us and told us they substituted one of the Coke Zero Orange Vanilla's with a Coke Zero, they offered to let us cancel the item or if we did nothing the substitution would take place. They also made picking up the order very easy by texting how to receive your order. You go to the side of the store where HEB Curbside is located, then you text your parking space number and an employee brings you your order. The young man that delivered our order was very friendly and helpful. He also gave us a free cookie. While it was interesting to use Curbside I doubt we will use it very often, we actually prefer to go into the store and wander up and down the aisles, many times we find something new or something that has an in-store only coupon, we also frequently purchase bagged salads and we like to see what they have and pick ones that sound good with the longest good by date. It must be a popular service, there were only three Curbside parking spots and two were already taken when we got there. None of us were there more than a few minutes.

Our parking spot and text number for delivery

HEB Curbside Center
While in town we swung by the UPS Store and picked up a few packages. They were products from the Seeds Program. It was weird because we were the only ones there, I guess because it was 8:30 in the morning.

When we got home there was no wind so we decided to go the lake. The lake was so smooth that you could do whatever you wanted. Due to the wind we have been flying the air-chair and surfing, we hadn't water-skied or wake-boarded this year. Out came the water-ski, it took me three tries to get up but Larry got right up. After resting a little bit out came the wake-board. Larry got right up, it took me five tries, I was beginning to think I forgot how. But once up it was a good set of wake-boarding. Then we swam a little. Because there was no wind I got the boat right on the trailer. Then we wiped the boat down and went home. We had great morning at the lake.

First set of water skiing this season

Larry having fun wake-boarding


We haven't had any rain lately and the grass slowed down so we didn't have to mow this week.

Yesterday when we assembled the Sleep Number bed we did not install the legs on the base, we decided we needed the extra height so today we put them on. It was a small project and it's now easier to get in and out of bed.

In the evening we finished up Grantchester and a couple of Good Karma Hospital episodes. I continued watching Suits. 

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