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Friday, August 23, 2019

Thursday 8-22 Ready to go

Day of sunshine

We started the day out by taking the truck to town to give it a bath. For years we took our cars to The Barn car wash in Temple, they sold out to Mister Car Wash who immediately  did away with the early morning discount and has now raised the price of their least expensive wash to $7.00, so, it used to cost us $3 and now it is $7. Recently Today's Car Wash opened in Belton, they only charge $5 for a basic wash and they even provide towels to dry off your car. The truck doesn't get driven much, we use it mainly to launch the boat but by having it in the garage it gets pretty dusty and it needed to be vacuumed out. Then we swung by Walmart to pick up a few last minute things.

When we got home We loaded the motorcycle on the back of the Minnie.

Taking the truck to a car wash

In the afternoon I finished up the laundry and finished loading the Minnie. Now it's ready to go, in the morning we just have to put a few things in it. Afterwards I did my weekly housework. I did a little more than usual because we're going to be gone for a couple of months. We like to come home to a clean house. I also cooked up some bacon and fixed a black bean bake to take with us. It took me all afternoon to do my chores. I was tired.

Doing chores

Late in the afternoon we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers A2 tape group. We met up with the group an hour early to dance C1. We had four couples and an extra person. We had a great session. For the A2 dancing we had two squares plus three extra people. We had a great evening of dancing with friends.

Square dancing with friends

When we got home we watched an episode of Boston Legal. I watched a couple episodes of Frankie Drake Mysteries. I finished up the second season, now I have to wait another year to watch the third season if they have one.      

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