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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Friday 8-9 A Day of Dancing

Let's dance

We had a super day of dancing to Darryl Lipscomb and friends. We started out at 9:30 am with two hours of A dancing. Then a two hour break for lunch. Back to the hall at 1:30 for another two hours of A dancing and two C1 Star Tips. Then a four hour break for dinner and to rest. At 7:30 we danced another two hours of A and two C1 Star Tips. For A we had exactly four squares so half way through each session Darryl had an open tip for people to rest. The A tips were challenging and a lot of fun. When the dancers were having trouble doing certain move Darryl would stop and walk us through them. He wanted to make sure everyone could get through the moves. For the C1 tips Darryl asked a couple of couples that were still going to class to fill in so we could have two squares. The C1 tips weren't too complex because of the new dancers. We had a great time.

Darryl Lipscomb
Dancing with friends

Kenneth having a great time dancing to Darryl

Vicki and Jess from Lubbock having fun dancing to Darryl

Vicki and Chester from Missouri on the far right

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