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Monday, March 18, 2019

Sunday 3-17 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day. We had a wonderful day. It got up the high 60's and sunshine.

In The Valley we parked the car under a beautiful oak tree, the last couple of weeks it has been losing its leaves and pollen has been dropping from it so the car was filthy. This morning we went to Mister Car Wash and gave it a bath, after that we went to HEB to shop for groceries. It is so nice to be able to park the car inside our garage, it stays so much cleaner and is protected from the weather.

In the afternoon we went to Sun City for a special plus dance with Brad Caldwell and our friends. The Sundancers have had four special Sunday dances, this was the last one scheduled. We had four squares and an extra lady. When we showed up everyone was excited to see us considering it's been over three months since we danced with them. Brad called to different Irish songs and he did an excellent job. We had an outstanding afternoon. As we were leaving the round dancers were coming in so we said hello to them.

Brad having fun calling during the plus dance

Our friends enjoying dancing to Brad

Having fun dancing to Brad

In the evening I finished doing laundry, We finished watching the first season of Agatha Christie's ABC Murders and then we watched an episode of Miss Marvel. Then I watched House and The Brokenwood Mysteries.

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