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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11-28 Super Day

Super Day
We woke up to sunshine with a bit of wind, as the day went on the wind picked up until it was blowing really hard. Larry had been working on cleaning the carpet in the boat for the last few days and while he is finished with the cleaning there is a piece of carpet under the dash that has come loose and is hanging down. He had some DAP contact cement from another project but he didn't think he had enough so we loaded Flo into the car and off to town we went. Before picking up the contact cement Larry took me to the gym. I worked out in the circuit area with the weight machines for 45 minutes before moving to the treadmill for 20 minutes. Then we swung by Walmart to pickup the contract cement. When we got home I made lunch. 

The contact cement Larry used for the carpet
After lunch Larry was going to work on the carpet and noticed that the contact cement bottle wasn't full. He thought that was weird and when he tried to open the lid he discovered that it wouldn't come off. Apparently someone had used part of the bottle and then it got put back on the shelve so we loaded Flo back into the car and went back to Walmart to exchange the bottle for another one. This time we looked at the bottle more closely. After doing the exchange we went back to the house.

It was such a gorgeous day that I decided to mow the lawn while Larry worked on the boat's carpet. The last time I mowed I did the front yard and half of the back yard. Today I decided to mow the front yard and the whole back yard. It took me two and a half hours. As I was mowing we treated for fire ants. Everytime it rains a lot we end up with a few fire ant hills, needless to say we had a few. By the time I was finished mowing I was tired.

The apples we got from Tennessee
We love square dancing
In the evening Larry and I went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers. They started out with seven squares for mainstream and had six squares for plus. By the end of the dance there was only one square. We had another great night dancing with our friends to Brad's calling.          

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