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Thursday, November 17, 2016

11-16 Covering the Gutters

Cleaning Gutters
Larry has to clean the gutters at least once a year and it's such a pain. He has to climb on the roof and dig out all the leaves and stuff. Hoping to find someway to fix this a few months ago we went by The Home Depot and bought a couple different gutter covers to test out to see which type we thought would work the best. He had decided on the black snap in cover. Last week we went to Lowe's and bought five packs of five three foot strips. He started working on installing the gutter covers Monday and found the covers were too big, the package said they would fit our gutters but the only way he could get them to fit was to cut them a bit smaller, he cut down  a pack of 5 and found it was a pain so he decided to stop. We went to The Home Depot and bought the single strips that fit correctly. Early this morning Larry decided to go back to installing the gutter covers. He wanted to install them before it got too warm. It took him three hours of climbing up and down ladders to get them installed. He had to cut some of the strips at the corners to fit around some metal plates that control the water flow to stay in the gutter. Flo and I kept him company while he installed the covers. Oh, I almost forgot, while he was doing this I cleaned the back windows, we have been going to wash the windows for a long time. They really needed cleaning and it took me about an hour. After the windows were washed and the covers were installed we went inside to have lunch. 

Trimming the gutter cover to fit
The gutter covers
Installing the gutter covers by the front porch
Snapping the gutter covers on the gutters
After lunch we loaded Flo into the car and went to town. Last night Larry assembled the stand for the new television and today he discovered he needed some bolts to install the television on it. He was not surprised since some folks had mentioned in the reviews the included bolts did not fit their TV. Our first stop was at Walmart to pick up a loaf of bread. Then we went to The Home Depot where we returned a couple of gutter covers we didn't use and we went to the bolt area to look for the bolts we needed, we didn't find exactly what we wanted. The next stop was Lowe's  to return the packs of gutter covers we didn't use and to look for the bolts, they didn't have exactly the length Larry wanted but he picked up two different lengths and he will be able to make them work. They came in a pack of 4 which was great because that's how many bolts we needed. When we got home I worked out for a half hour on Just Dance. Then it was time to barbecue hamburgers for dinner.

In the evening we watched YouTube videos and an Amazon movie called Saint Ralph. The movie was a comedy about a ninth grader that tries to win the Boston Marathon in 1954. It was ok but I would not recommend it. Then I worked on my puzzle and did the daily challenges in Microsoft Solitaire. We had a busy day. 

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