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Thursday, November 3, 2016

11-2 Wonderful Wednesday

We had a wonderful Wednesday. Flo started the day wanting to go some place. I told Larry I was going to put off the gym another day but we needed to go to HEB for a few items. We loaded Flo into the car and off to town we went. On the way to HEB we stopped by Heart of Texas Goodwill in Belton. We hadn't been there for many months so it took a bit of time to walk around. Monday when we were at lessons at Allemande Hall I found a pair of dance shoes, I did not really need another pair but we thought it might be fun to change the color. We discussed what color and decided on bright yellow so Larry ordered a bottle from Amazon. While we were walking around Goodwill Larry looked for a pair of shoes for himself that he could paint to match. He was in luck, he found a pair of shoes and we also found a nice tie. The next stop was at The UPS Store to pickup our mail and then to HEB to do our weekly grocery shopping. When we got home Larry got Flo out of the car and we took the groceries in the house. After lunch Larry assembled the security camera on its new bracket and hung it back on the front porch.

Installing the security camera
Camera back in place
Earlier in the morning I started slow cooking a pork roast. By 3:00 it was ready and it fell right off the bone. The bone was a weird shape so I sawed it in half for Flo, she was one happy dog. When it was time for dinner I added barbecue sauce to the pulled pork and heated it up. I put the pork into pita pockets and we had this for dinner.

New Tie from Goodwill
Pull Pork for Pitas
 In the evening we relaxed by watching YouTube videos, a movie called Ma Ma and listened to music. Ma Ma starred Penelope Cruz, she plays the starring role of a lady fighting breast cancer. It's in Spanish so you have to read subtitles. It was rated 5 stars but we found it to be a very slow moving movie and we weren't impressed. After the movie we listened to music and I worked on my puzzle. Then I played computer games. We had a very good day.  

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