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Saturday, November 19, 2016

11-18 Cold Front

Today is the first day it hasn't been 20 degrees higher than normal for this time of year, it was at the normal temperature, in fact it didn't get out of the 60's today. We hung around the house all day. Years ago Larry built a shelf that mounted on the back of the old television for my Wii and its program CD's to sit on, this morning he decided to build a shelf for the new television. Since the new TV is larger than the old one he built a larger shelf. He built it out of stuff we had around the house so it didn't cost anything and believe it or not we didn't have to go to the The Home Depot. After building the shelf he mounted a power strip on it. Now the wires from the television are neatly stored away.

Using the mill to drill holes for screws
Assembling the frame to the shelf for my Wii
Building a new shelf for my Wii
We didn't too much the rest of the day. I cleaned my pantry and the refrigerator. Then I worked on my puzzle and worked out for a half hour with a Just Dance Program. Larry cleaned his workroom and did a little reading. Flo spent most of the day outside enjoying the cool weather. In the evening we watched YouTube videos and a couple of movies off Amazon. The first movie we watched was Man On Wire, it was a 2008 British biography documentary of Philippe Petit. In 1974 he high-wire walked between the Twin Towers in New York, it was very interesting. The second movie was Sky High, which was a documentary about a young sky diver (Jarret Martin) and his accomplishments after an accident, it was also good and very well done. Afterwards I worked on my puzzle and played computer games until it was time for bed.    

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