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Friday, December 4, 2015

12-3 Christmas Dance with the Central Texas Lone Stars

Christmas Dance with the Central Texas Lone Stars
This morning Larry and I went back to Louise's to continue working on her door. Today was another long day, we caulked the frame inside the house and primed and painted a couple boards for the back frame. We were going to trim out the exterior of the door but Larry's nail gun wasn't working. We left Louise's at 2:45 so the traffic was not as heavy as yesterday. By the time we got home Larry was exhausted and Flo once again was very happy to see us. Larry found his other nail gun and made sure it worked. Then he put it in the back of the truck. We rested a little bit and then we had dinner.

Desserts for the Christmas Dance
Dancing to Charles's calling
Round Dancing to Charles
More of our friends square dancing
Tanya and Charles Crockett
Our square dancing club, The Central Texas Lone Stars had their Christmas Dance this evening. Larry was stiff and tired and I don't think he really wanted to go but he dragged himself to the dance. The club is closing down so the Christmas Dance was their last dance. We had a special caller from the Dallas Fort Worth area named Charles Crockett. There were three mainstream squares and two plus squares and few others. When Charles cued the round dancing tips there were three to four couples that danced. There was a lot of delicious desserts. We had a good time. We're going to miss dancing with people at our club but we're still going to continue dancing at the other local clubs, Sun City and Georgetown.    

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