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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12-29 Another Brisk Day

Another Brisk Day
We had another brisk day. The temperature didn't get out of the 40's. At least the wind wasn't blowing and the sun did come out for a short time. When the sun was out it felt really nice outside. Larry told me that it was gorgeous so I got my chair and went outside to read a little. Oh, I almost forgot Flo joined me. Most of the day I worked on my puzzle and did a little laundry. Larry did a couple of reviews for The Home Depot Seed Program. We didn't have any errands to do in town so we stayed inside the house and kept warm.
Goofy enjoying watching the television
In the evening we stayed home and watched the one eyed monster (the television). We streamed a movie called Mary and Martha, it was about two women that lost their sons to malaria. It was an OK movie. We watched a documentary called Legally High which was about the synthetic drugs that can be used legally in Great Britain and how they are consistently changing them to keep them legal. It was very informative. We had another slow day.  

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