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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12-21 Another Relaxing Day

I'm so tired
We didn't have any errands to do today so we hung around the house. I read a novel by Greg Iles called Third Degree. I started it a couple of days ago and I finished before I went to bed. Larry found a new password tracking program so he started to transfer our passwords over to it. He started it but has a lot more to do. Our old password program was written back in the 90's and has not been updated in many years, it has always worked well but with all the passwords we have today and with wanting them to be more secure it is time to change. Unfortunately the old program offers no way to export the data so Larry has to manually input all of it. There were around 250 passwords in the old program, some are no longer needed, we simply kept adding more and never removed any. It will take him many days to complete this. After lunch Flo started to pester me about going for a walk. I really didn't want to considering she was limping yesterday but I finally gave in. Instead of taking her on a walk I loaded her into the car and went to the boat ramp so she could go swimming. At first she thought I was tricking her and was just going to take her for a ride. Once we were at the ramp and I let her out of the car she knew it wasn't a trick. She walked around and did a lot of sniffing. Then she went swimming which surprised me, the last couple of times she didn't go swimming. A gentleman showed up with five boys to go fishing. He asked if I would take a picture of them, I told sure thing. He told me that he had to get the kids out of house and away from the video games. They all said hi to Flo. After I took the picture I loaded Flo back into the car and went home. We were at the lake for a half hour. Flo had a great time and now she is tired.

This week there is no square dancing because of Christmas. So in the evening we streamed a couple of episodes of The Man in the High Castle. Then I finished reading Third Degree. This was the first book of Greg Iles I have read and I thought it was very well written and I liked it. We had a very relaxing day. LIFE IS GOOD!!!   

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