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Saturday, April 4, 2015

4-4 Visiting with Andrea and Mike


Visiting with Andrea and Mike

Shirley modeling a quilt made by Louise her daughter

The other day when we were in town Shirley bought cooler pads for her coolers. Ray came over last night and saw the cooler pads and apparently decided this was a hint to get her coolers ready for summer. This morning before it got hot he came over to work on the coolers. He got one cooler done and has to buy a new pump to get the other one ready. While Ray worked on the coolers we had lunch. Shirley and Larry had ham hock and beans and I had a ham sandwich. I gave Flo a ham bone and when she got tried of eating the bone Pooh Bear finished it up. Shirley doesn’t give Pooh Bear bones so he was thrilled to get his first bone. After lunch Ray was finished so we visited with him before leaving to go to my sister’s house.

Visiting with Ma and Ray-009 

  Ray working on his mom’s coolers

Visiting with Ma and Ray-010

Pooh Bear enjoying his first bone

This afternoon Larry and I went over to my sister Andrea’s house. We visited with my sister Andrea, her husband Mike, son Joey and her daughter Ashley, my sister Alexis and two other nieces Elizabeth and Katherine were also there. We went to lunch and enjoyed visiting. Ashley and Elizabeth decided they wanted to go swimming, Andrea asked Ashley to clean the pool.

Visiting with Andrea and Mike-003

Andrea’s swimming pool

Visiting with Andrea and Mike-012

Taking a picture of Andrea while Ashley and Elizabeth soaked in the pool

Visiting with Andrea and Mike-013

Mike holding the hose on the pump while Ashley cleaned the pool

Visiting with Andrea and Mike-006

Ashley playing with her eight week old pup in the pool

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