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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4-23 Zion National Park


Wow, I can’t believe that we started our fifth week on the road today. We have visited so many marvelous places, some we have been to before and others that are new to us. We didn’t realize that the time changed when we got to Utah until we got to Zion National Park and South Campground was almost full, we thought it was 9:00 and it was 10:00. We drove around the campground a couple of time before we found a site, a young family from Germany was moving to another site because theirs was right off the main road and it was too noisy. They said we were welcome to have their site so we took Flo for a walk to pay for a couple of nights, we were almost to the pay station when we found a better site, Larry walked back to get the Minnie, while there he talked with the young family. By the time we paid for the site the campground was full and this was only 10:30. We spent most of the day relaxing except when Larry and I took the shuttle bus to Springdale, which is right outside the park. It’s a cute little town with art galleries, grocery store, restaurants, hotels, gift shops and a Laundromat. The weather was very nice so Flo decided she wanted to stay outside and I joined her. The sites are well used and very dusty so Flo is no longer white she she now a filthy dirty dog. We had a very nice day.

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