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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wednesday 4-10 Mowing the Yards

Hold on

Today started out with a little breeze and as the day went on the wind got stronger, according to the news we had sustained winds of 30 mph with gust of 40 mph. 

I wanted to go grocery shopping so off to Belton we went. Before going shopping we went to Nolan Creek to walk the trail, we walked for about an hour. The wind kept it cool. We saw a few mothers and their kids playing in the playground in Harris Community Park. We stopped there to use the restroom but they were locked up. That was weird because usually they are open. We saw a couple of mothers pushing strollers on the trail and a few more people walking the trail from the university. We had a nice walk along Nolan Creek.

Next stop was HEB for grocery shopping. Afterwards we went across the street and picked up our mail at the UPS Store.

We're usually out of town at this time of year so we hire a lawn crew to mow the yards. The yards are getting tall so out came the lawn mower. Larry started out by mowing the far back of the backyard because when I mowed last week I didn't mow that section. Then he worked his way forward. After finishing the backyard he moved to the front yard. While Larry mowed I weedeated the areas he couldn't get to. I also treated for fire ants. We had huge hills so we needed to get them under control. I blew off the back porch but because of the wind and the oak trees dropping stuff it didn't take long and it once again was covered in oak tree droppings. When Larry finished mowing he blew out the garage, down the driveway and a lot of the stuff off the lawn.

The backyard after it had been mowed

Larry blowing the oak trees droppings off the frontyard

Mowing the back of the backyard

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.

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