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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tuesday 4-2 Planting Wildflowers


What a beautiful day of sunshine!!!! It got to the low 70's.

Last year I planted flowers in our planter. It went very well until the deer ate them. At the Dollar Tree In the Rio Grande Valley we found big boxes of wildflower seeds, we bought a box of Wildflower Blend and one of Pollinator. Each box covers 100 square feet and were packaged by American Seed. Today was a pleasant day so I decided to plant them. First I raked the areas I was going to use. The planter was easy to rake because I had put down potting soil. I had way too many seeds so I decided to plant some on a couple of areas on our neighbor's lot. The lot had just been cleared and the ground was packed hard. So I had to soak the areas and then raked them. I used the Wildflower Blend in the planter and the Pollinator Blend on the lot next door. Once the seeds were down I watered the areas. Now, I have to continue watering and be patient to see how the flowers will grow.

The wildflower seeds I planted

The planter
Lot next door where I planted seeds

For dinner I barbecued baby back ribs, they came out delicious. While I was barbecuing I did my steps.

Our dinner
In the evening we relaxed in front of the television.

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