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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Monday 4-15 Changing the Oil in the Car

Another windy day

We had another windy day. The wind was out of the south. 

I got up early this morning because we had an appointment at Don Ringler to get the Equinox an oil change at 8:30. They were busy but we were out within an hour. While the mechanic was doing the oil change and inspectionhe saw a piece of metal in one of the tires. He showed it to Larry. They didn't take it out because they were afraid that it would spring a leak. The mechanic said it would cost about $200.00 to get a new tire. After the car was finished we took the car to Discount Tires. The gentleman that took care of us took his fingernail and removed the metal out of the tire. It was a piece of a blade from a box cutter. We didn't need to get a new tire after all. Then next stop was Aldi to pick up a few salad kits. The last stop was Dollar Tree for bleach for the septic system. Afterwards homeward bound.

In the afternoon I worked on my annual book and Larry started reading a book on his Kindle. 

In the evening we went to Sun City for the Sundancers Monday Dance and Plus class. During the class we had six squares, both Larry and I did the class. I continued working on being a boy and Larry was an Angel. Brad went over Acey Ducey, Tea Cup Chain and Ping Pong Circulate. He put the class in different positions while doing the moves. When it was time for the dance Larry and I left to have get a sandwich at Subway. We were back on the floor in an hour. We had four squares of dancers for the dance. The last hour of the dance the dancers were all Plus dancers so Brad called only Plus tips. We had three squares. After the dance Brad called an A tip because we had five couples. We had a super night of dancing to Brad and with friends.



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