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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wednesday 10-10 A Day of Reading

Relaxing with a good book

The day started out overcast but by the afternoon the sun came out and it was hot and humid. We ended up spending the day reading. It's always nice to take a day off from doing anything and relax with a good book. 

After dinner we walked around the campground. We walked by the cabins and to the paved hiking trail to the bridge. Then we went back to the Minnie. While walking around we noticed there were more people in the park today than yesterday. It was nice to see people riding bicycles, kids playing catch with a football, families sitting around a campfire, people walking their dogs and people walking around just like us. When we got back I decided to walk around a little more. I ended up walking the paved trail that goes around the lake and through the day area. It was a 1.6 mile loop called Harbor Trail. I started at the entrance of the campground, which was at the .6 mile point. I walked over the bridge that went over the lake and around the lake. The day area was very nice with a cute playground. The trail went by the harbor, where you can rent kayaks and canoes. I saw a lot of people walking their dogs, riding bikes and jogging the trail. It was a very nice walk. When I got back I had not gotten all my steps in so I stayed outside and stepped in place to finish up.

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